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Christmas, 2012

The benefit to posting about Christmas three weeks past the day is seeing posts from everyone else.  I noticed that Santa used the exact same stationery at most every house he visited.  I guess he really did send a link to Pinterest.  ;-)  But, for some strange reason, he typed his note to our kids rather than writing it like the other houses we have seen.  It appears Santa became very long winded when he arrived to our house.  Which, is so odd, because no one else in this house is long winded.  Ahem...

We told Jonah over and over to yell for us when he woke up on Christmas Morning rather than coming to get us.  He has to walk past the living room to get to our room and we wanted to see his face when he saw everything.  We turned a monitor on in there and heard him yell "mommy, daddy, mommy, daddy...I'M AWAKE!!"  I grabbed my camera and we headed in there.  I snapped a quick picture of him and off we went to get Micah. 
Jonah used the potty and brushed his teeth before we went into Micah's room.  As you can see, he was very excited.  But, not excited enough to keep his eyes open for a picture. 

I turned the video on and we walked into Micah's room.  It was so sweet.  Jonah said "Merry Christmas, Micah" as we both approached the bed.   Then we saw it.  VOMIT...every where.  Ugh!  His matching pajamas were covered.  His sleepy toys were covered.  His sheets were covered.  It was GROSS.  (You can thank me for not showing you the video!!)  So, we grabbed him and went straight to the tub. 

Sweet Jonah just waited patiently to go see all of his Christmas goodies.  When the time finally came, I ran ahead of them so I could see their faces when they rounded the corner.  Those are some sweet, sweet memories I have from the past few years. 

Micah went straight to his little kitchen.  I always wanted one for Jonah but Dan wasn't a big fan of a kitchen for his little boy.  Then, we watched him play with kitchens at the houses of friends over the years and regretted never getting one for him.  So, that was our number one idea for Micah's Christmas.  And, the great thing is that Jonah plays with it too. 
Jonah's keyboard may not be the most "fun" gift but it is super practical now that he takes piano lessons.  I hope piano is one of those things he falls in love with and sticks with over the years. 

Another big gift of Micah's is his indoor trampoline.  Here we are almost a month later and Micah rarely touches it.  Jonah, now that is a whole other story.  The kid jumps all the time.  He jumps when he watches TV.  He jumps when he gets up every morning.  He jumps before bed.  He jumps and jumps and jumps.  Sorry, Micah but your brother certainly thanks you!

After the boys saw some of their gifts, we sat down to read the Christmas Story and to pray together.  Even Max sat and listened with us. 

We prayed together and thanked God for sending Jesus.  Jonah prayed such a sweet prayer.  I wish I had recorded it.  And, while we are on the subject of sweet, check out Micah's arm and hand on Jonah's knee while he prayed. 
After praying together, we opened stockings.  It was very easy to buy for Jonah's stocking this year.  He is at the age where he has so many interests.  Micah was a little more difficult.  It is hard to find small things for his age. 

We were most excited about a joint gift we got the boys.  They both really like Imaginext toys.  They both really like Toy Story.  So, after I found a few Imaginext items on Craigslist for VERY cheap, we bought a few accessories to go along with them and then put them in a big box for them to open together. 

While the boys were playing with their toys, Louise stopped by to see what they got for Christmas.  And, she brought Dan a big container full of his favorite fruit cut up. 

We finally stopped to have breakfast casserole.  That is a family tradition of Dan's that neither of my boys have warmed up to.  They wouldn't touch it...again!

The boys opened more gifts and just played their little hearts out. 

As the boys were playing,we spotted a rolled up note in the garland on the mantle.  I handed it to Jonah.  He opened it and read it to discover a scavenger hunt waiting for him. 

A couple of weeks before Christmas, we found a Little Tikes Bounce House on a local swap and sell site.  It retails for over $300 but they were selling it for $100.  We couldn't pass it up.  We knew they boys would love it.  We knew their friends would love it.  We knew it would come in handy at birthday parties.  So, the scavenger hunt led them to the back porch where it was blown up and waiting for them.  This is Jonah's face when he saw it. 

After playing with it under the back porch, we moved it to the back yard.  It was well over 80 degrees that day so it was perfect. 

Around 5 that night, we went to the local food kitchen to deliver gifts and serve meals to the homeless of our community.  Our church does this on regular occasions and it just so happened this was our scheduled night. 

Jonah took our gifts in and took them right to the tree.  He was excited to give gifts to the children.  We also had to find a job he could do at hte kitchen.  We paired him with Moriah and they gave out dessert to people as they ate their Christmas Dinner.  He was very intent on helping.  I was proud to watch him. 

As great as this was for Jonah, it was equally awful for Micah!  I couldn't really put him down.  He couldn't go free.  We had to keep him very close to us.  He. Was. Miserable.

Dan and I swapped off holding Micah until Dan noticed a lady crying.  He went over to talk to her and ended up spending the rest of the night there. 

He was able to spend time with them, pray with them and encourage them.  It was really good for Jonah to see "daddy help people!"  As we were ready to leave, I stood and watched Jonah play with the Nativity.  It had been a long day.  We were exhausted.  But, those few moments reminded me of the importance of that day.  It wasn't about gifts, eating, playing or being together.  It was about Jesus being born as a baby and entering this awful world to ultimately give his life on a cruel cross for ME!  Christmas 2012 is full of wonderful memories.  I'm grateful for those memories.  But, mostly, I'm grateful for Jesus!

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