Sunday, January 13, 2013

An unplanned cleanout

Last Monday, my friend stopped by to pick up some milk I had been storing in our freezer for her.  She has a 9 month old and her freezer was overrun with her pumped milk so we have been storing some of it for her.  When I grabbed the bags from the freezer, my heart dropped.  I could tell they were defrosting.  Some of them seemed completely defrosted while some were completely frozen.  I told her I was glad she came when she did because it seemed our freezer was going out.  

Fast forward to Thursday and I walked into the laundry room to get chicken.  As soon as  I grabbed the bag of chicken, I knew we had a problem.  It was a TOTAL block of ice with chicken frozen in it.  Obviously, it has completely defrosted at some point and then refrozen.  I felt sick.  I immediately thought of her milk.  I went to grab my phone and text her.  I said "And. Our. Freezer. Is. Dead!"  All the while, I was feeling pretty good that we at least got her milk out of there before it died.  

That good feeling didn't last long.  She responded with "yeah, I had to throw that milk away.  I could tell that what was frozen had actually thawed and refroze.  And what had thawed was stinky!!!"  I immediately started crying.  I wasn't concerned about what we lost because it could all be replaced.  Her loss could not be replaced.  She was incredibly gracious but I know it had to hurt her.  It was MONTHS of work for her pumping that for her sweet baby girl and it was gone.  Seriously, I cried all night.  I felt terrible.  

Fortunately, the next day was trash day so we rolled our big trash can to the door and unloaded the entire freezer into it.  I'm a sale buyer.  When things I use regularly are on sale, I try to stockpile them.  Thus the 10 bags of frozen potatoes (upper right) that I use for potato soup.  This was a picture of the freezer after her milk was removed and before we started cleaning out. 
Oh, and one other blessing, just last Friday, I grabbed 6 or so frozen meals from our freezer to give to a friend who has had a long bout of illness and hospital stays.  I made them for us to have on busy days but knew they needed them so I took them all and delivered them.  Those would have been lost too had they not been given away just a few days before.  

The two things we lost that hurt the most were the steaks and briskets.  We have a friend who gets us steaks at cost from Sysco.  We buy the filets for about $11 each that they sell at restaurants for $25.  We had 12 of those left.  And, back in December, I bought two fairly large briskets to use for staff dinners this month. 

A bag of her milk from earlier in the week.  SICKENING.  I can barely stand to look at this. 

And, this is our freezer after.  :-(  After a loss like this, I'm not sure I will ever fill it up again.  I'm thinking we might just have it repaired and then sell it.  The loss ruined me. 
I was so sad Thursday night.  I felt terrible for my friend.  I was sad about all the wasted money.  I was wondering what we would eat the next night since all of our meat and many vegetables were gone.  Then, Friday morning, we woke up to a gift.  It was money we knew we had coming since the middle of last year but it showed up in our account Friday.  It was almost equal to what we lost.  We certainly had other plans for that money but now we can replace what we choose to replace.  Such a blessing from God!

If only I could do the same with her milk...

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