Saturday, January 12, 2013

2012 Thanksgiving Vacation: Final Post

I'm sure you have been on the edge of your seats just waiting for the final post of our vacation.  Well, here it is...2 months later!  If you remember, I left you hanging on Thanksgiving night when it ended with Jonah and the stomach virus.  This is what he looked like the next morning.  Poor thing. 
There are no more pictures because we did ZERO that day.  We were scared to leave the cabin because he felt bad and I was sure me or Micah would be next.  We did finally venture out for dinner.  When we got back, Micah found the oreo cookies Louise sent in our snack bag. 

Dan gave him one.  Or, maybe two.  Either way, he was happy.  VERY happy. 

And, that pretty much sums up our last full day at the cabin.  Riveting, huh?  I'm glad we had those fun days before the stomach virus hit.  We cut our trip early due to the sickness so we got up fairly early the next morning so we could start the 9 hour trip home.  I put this hat on Micah and he got so tickled with himself.  He loved it. 

It was quite chilly that morning so the boys go all bundled up in the car while we took care of final details at the cabin.  We were sad to say goodbye to such a wonderful place but after the sickness, we were more than ready to get home. 

We stopped for gas in Gainesville and all got blizzards from Dairy Queen.  This was a special treat because we don't have a Dairy Queen in DeLand.  That is definitely something we miss from Natchez.  Even Micah got his own.  (that is HUGE that we trusted him with ice cream in the car!!!)

It was a good trip.  We enjoyed being away.  We enjoyed being together.  Now we are all looking forward to our next family vacation!

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Amanda said...

You gave your second child, your wild child, ice cream? Whoa! That's HUGE


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