Monday, January 7, 2013

2012 Christmas Crafts

When we pulled out Jonah's Christmas tree this year, I loved looking at all of the ornaments and things he had made over the years.  I sat for quite some time talking to Jonah about each one.  He, of course, did not remember making about 90% of them.  As I pointed out things he made at age one and two, it struck me that I didn't have things like that from Micah at these ages.  I had a couple of things from the church nursery last year but that was it.  A couple for Micah compared to 20 or so from the same age for Jonah.

So, it got me thinking about a craft day with the kids.  The only problem was finding a time to do it.  Our December schedule was INSANE!  So, when a Saturday morning opened up, I snatched it up for a Family craft day.  I got up before the rest of the family that morning and made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby.  We had most of what we needed but there were a few things missing.  The only thing missing that I didn't buy was some more paint.  And, that was because I knew GiGi had sent Micah some Finger Paint for Christmas and it was wrapped and waiting under the tree.  So, I let them open that before we got started.  

Let me just tell you, planning crafts that a 6 year old and 2 year old both enjoy and can do was quite a feat.  This is something I would N-E-V-E-R attempt with out my handy helper, DADDY!

Dan set a great example for the kiddos by putting the red Rudolph noses UP. HIS. NOSE.  Anyone want to guess what Micah did as soon as he got his hands on some of those??  He thought it was HYSTERICAL!

It really was such a fun, fun day!  Our kids loved it.  Just yesterday, Dan commented on how fun it was.  I foreee many more craft days in our future.  Days like this make being a mommy SO MUCH FUN!

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