Saturday, December 15, 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012


I've watched with sadness over the years as details unfolded about various shootings around our country.  Some were in schools, some were in movie theaters, some were in malls.  I continued about my day as I watched the news.  I remember very vividly the day the Pearl, MS shootings happened. I was just a few miles away, working at Dr. Ramsey's office.  We watched the news in between patients.  We saw people we knew.  It was sad.  But, I didn't necessarily relate.   

But, today, the news coming out of Connecticut has brought me to my knees.  For the first time ever, the age of the victims is the same as my Jonah.  I envisioned how frightened he would have been.  I imagine how he would process this.  I think about his tender little heart and how he would ever heal from something like this.  All I can do is weep. 

Oh Jesus, come quickly!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Babysitters, coughs, colds and robes.

If I told you the number of babysitters we need to make it through the month of December, it would blow your mind.  It seems we have something most every day.  I'm not complaining.  I love ministry life.  I love the Christmas season because it gives us a chance to get into small groups of people who we normally don't get to spend time with.  Today, I had two different sitters lined up for a morning and evening event.  But, my sweet little boy woke up with fever yesterday so my plans came to a screeching halt.  

I cancelled our staff wives event this morning.  I hated to do that because it was my month to plan and I had something special in store for the ladies.  But, sick kids trump special plans so that will have to happen another time.  My attendance tonight at our staff Christmas party is still undetermined.  My sitter has said she doesn't mind watching sick kids.  But, the momma in me will make that call as the day progresses.  Sometimes, a sick little boy just wants to be in the lap of the one who loves him most.  

Jonah isn't feeling great either.  He has a terrible cough and is congested.  He has learned that some kids stay home when they are sick so he asks every day if he is sick enough to stay home.  I almost let him stay today.  Except, he wasn't really sick...just congested.  If this cold/flu season is anything like I've heard about it, we need to save those days for the potential really sick days. Besides, he missed a week back in November after his surgery.  So, I hate for him to miss more unnecessarily.  

I took a picture of him standing next to the tree in his room last night.  He was wearing his new robe.  Or, gown, as he calls it.  Dan quickly reminds him that it is a robe.  He loves it.  I looked everywhere for Spiderman robe for him for Christmas but could not find one.  I finally found this navy blue one.  It didn't look exciting enough to give as a Christmas gift so I gave it to him after I bought it.  He was thrilled.  He wears it every night after his shower and usually puts it on in the morning.  It will be great for the 2.5 weeks of winter we have.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2012 Thanksgiving Trip: Some of Day 3

I think I've told you before, but our boys are at that perfect stage where they love to play together and enjoy many of the same toys.  So, I was glad we remembered to pack a few Imaginext toys because they really enjoyed playing together at the cabin.  We chose toys that had been out of the Toy Rotation for a while so it was like having new toys even though they are a couple of years old. 

We chose a cabin that we liked but it had one downside...No Internet and Sketchy Cell service.  We thought it would be great to be unplugged.  While the concept is nice, in reality it was TERRIBLE!  Not because we wanted to interact on Twitter, Facebook and Blogs.  Or, not because we didn't have access to email.  Solely because we had no way to find things to do each day.  Our world is so Internet dependent that it was hard to find information on trails, restaurants, ANYTHING!  Fortunately, Dan found a map and was also able to catch the people at the National Park office before they closed for the Holiday.  So, we did find a few things to do.  Next time we will definitely find a place with Wi-fi so we can read reviews and better plan our days before heading out each morning. 

We knew we wanted to take the boys on several hikes.  The problem was finding trails that would be conducive to six year old and two year old.  This was the thing Jonah was most excited about because he remembered hiking in the mountains last year when we went to visit Doug and Allison. 

We tried to take a few pictures before we left but those boys were too excited for pictures.  As Micah said, they wanted to "GO, GO, GO!"

After we got them dressed, we let them ride their riding toys around the deck while we got ready.  This became one of their favorite parts of vacation.  I purposefully chose this cabin because of wrap around deck (and hanging daybed).  I thought it would be fun for them to have a place outside to run off some energy.  They loved it. 

They took turns riding Micah's tricycle and Jonah's plasma car.  Dan's mom gave Jonah that Plasma Car for his third birthday.  It has gotten over 3 years of use and still looks brand new.  I love gifts that last for years.  It is fun to see Micah enjoy some of the same things Jonah did. 

I can't remember what made Micah upset but as you will see in the next two pictures, he was a little unhappy.  I guess vacation can't always be ALL fun!

Micah has never been much of a hat wearer.  Jonah wore hats from the time he was a little baby but Micah never liked them.  Until this trip?!?!  At the last minute, I grabbed hats for both of them. When I pulled them out that morning, Micah put his on and never minded wearing it.  I think little boys in baseball caps are about the cutest things on the planet!!

We drove 15 or so miles out of town to find the trail we hiked on Wednesday.  It was around a waterfall so we knew that would be something fun to look at.  Micah didn't quite know what to expect but Jonah could hardly wait. 

We stopped first to let the boys learn to skip rocks.  I don't know that they ever mastered it but a lot of rocks did end up in the water. 

Jonah is so in his element on hiking trails.  Dan said he was the same way last year.  We had to keep reigning him in.  He wanted to take off without us.  He was most always in front.  He loved it. 

Micah, on the other hand did not.  He was not a fan of hiking.  Not because of the walking.  Totally because of the control issue.  He did not want to hold anyone's hand.  But, there were several places on the hike that he took one tiny step to his left, he would have been off the side of the mountain.  So, holding hands was not an option for that wild child.  As you can see, he was quite unhappy with this. 

Dan finally just put him on his shoulders for a while.  That seemed to make him a little happier.  Not completely happy but better than holding hands. 

Jonah searched and searched for the perfect hiking stick and finally found it.  This made him quite happy. 

Anytime we would come to wide area of the trail, we would let Micah down to walk on his own.  He usually got so excited that he took off and then fell down because the ground wasn't flat. 

The hike was beautiful.  The waterfall was beautiful.  It was a perfect day.  Until this...

Yep, we took his stick away.  It brought tears.  It was "my favorite stick in the whole world."  He had never "loved another stick the way I love this one."  But, he wasn't being careful and swung the stick like a Jedi and whacked Micah upside the head...HARD!  So, the consequence was losing the stick.  It was bad. 
What do ya know?  An action shot of Micah about to hit the ground!  Hee hee!

See his face?  Poor thing. I know it hurt.  We all heard it hit.  I was sure it would turn black.  It didn't. 
We ended up back at the bottom of the waterfall to skip more rocks.  All my boys loved this. 

Micah found joy in "1-2-3 JUMP" over and over and over off of this stump.  Seriously, OVER AND OVER AND OVER!

This picture is very deceiving.  He is walking on a fairly flat rock but it appears he is teetering on the very tip of a rock. 

It was such a fun day but we wore these kiddos (and ourselves) OUT! 


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