Saturday, November 10, 2012

Friday, November 9, 2012

Micah's 2nd Birthday Wake Up

I captured Micah's wake up call on video. It was a slow start but certainly ended well!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Goodbye Age One...

A few minutes ago, I sat in Micah's room fighting back tears as I rocked my baby boy for the very last time as a one year old.  When he wakes again, he will be two years old...TWO YEARS OLD!  And, to add the tearfulness of the evening, I was able to pick him up from his crib and rock him without any assistance, for the fist time in eleven weeks.  Today, at my appointment, my surgeon gave me permission to pick him up 4-5 times each day.  That means I can be mommy again.  And, how perfect was it that Dan accidentally woke him up when he went to gather trash from his room??  It gave me the chance to rush right in there, get him from his crib and snuggle up close to him.

We sang songs.  I rubbed his back.  He rubbed my nose and my hair.  We talked about Abby and Elmo.  I sang Happy Birthday to him.  He said "gin, gin" like he always does when he wants  me to sing again.  I could happily think that is because he likes my singing but I know it is because he really just wants to prolong the rocking.  I told him over and over again how much I loved him and how glad I am that he was born.  For the first time ever, he said "I Yuh You" back to me.  I couldn't get him to say it again so maybe it was a fluke.  Or, maybe it was a sweet blessing from God on the eve of his second birthday.  I told him about all the people who love him.  I told him that Jesus loves him the most.  Oh, how I hope he grasps that at an early age.  If he can only come to know how big God is and how treasured he is by our Great God, every struggle in life will pale in comparison to that. 

Two years ago, at this very time, I was unsure of what life would be like with a new baby.  I didn't know how I would love another little boy like I did Jonah. But, that little 8 pound and 10 ounce baby stole my heart.  And, tomorrow, we get to celebrate him ALL DAY LONG!


Around here, there has been LOTS of talk of Man-pris lately.  Lots of people taking about them and making fun of them.  Personally, I'm not a fan of them myself.  Fashionistas even dislike capri pants on women so I can only imagine what they would say about men.  But, I wonder what they would say about toddlers?  Because, sometimes, kiddos outgrow their pants before their mom realizes she hasn't bought new pants. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

They are some of our favorites!

A couple of weeks ago, our friends were here for Disney and cut out of parks early to hang with us one night.  Typically they stay with us when they visit but knowing how I typically cook and clean like crazy while they are here, they knew I didn't need to do that right after my surgery.  So, they ended up in a hotel down at the parks.  And, by "cook and clean like crazy," I really mean sit and watch Reagan do that. 
Jonah and Sara Madalin were so happy to be together.  Those kids have spent so much time together over the last 3 years.  They truly love each other.  It makes us happy. 
Soon after their arrival, Dan got in the pool with the kids while Reagan got busy in the kitchen.  We were thrilled to have one of his yummy spaghetti dinners.  We felt a little guilty about him cooking for us on HIS vacation but not guilty enough to stop him. 

I tried to get a cute picture of the three of them from across the pool.  Please notice the progression.  Micah and Sara Madalin started kicking the water.  Jonah wasn't sure that was allowed. They are having a large time while he debates whether or not they should be punished. 

He finally just gives in and enjoys the moment with them.  Life is just more fun that way sometimes!

The little guy is slowly learning to swim.  Unfortunately, he will probably forget everything he knows by the time the spring rolls around and the pool is ready again.  But, for now, it was fun watching him. 

We got everyone dried off and came inside for a wonderful dinner prepared by Chef Reagan.  Those poor kiddos were so tired. 

Love this picture of Dan and Reagan.  Reagan was on the search committee that called Dan to Harmony back in June of 1998.  They have certainly become lifelong friends. 
While we finished eating, the kiddos played with some Imaginext toys.  They had so much fun. 

Malinda was kind enough to sample my fresh baked apple pie.  And, by fresh baked, I mean a church member had just baked it and dropped it by. 

We were super excited to finally meet their good friend Jana.  We've heard SO much about her over the years.  And, come to find out, she and Micah have the same birthday. 

Jana took this picture and it made me laugh.  Malinda and I look all into directing this family portrait!
We thought we might have gotten a good one except Dan decided to stand a few feet away from the rest of us. 
Someone suggested a silly shot.  Regan looks pleased.  Dan looks annoyed.  I can't quit giggling. 
Then it was time to say goodbye...again!  We love, love, love these people.  They truly are the kind of friends where you just pick right back up where you left off. 

Oh, and they sometimes bring you taffy from the MS State Fair.  So, even if we didn't love them, we would pretend to just for the taffy!


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