Saturday, September 29, 2012

A shift in perspective

Today is one of those days that would be easy for me to be sad.  I found out just a few days ago that Dan would be gone from 9-9 today.  On any given Saturday, that isn't fun but especially on a Saturday since my surgery.  If Dan isn't here, then that means my boys aren't here.  We had to quickly scramble to find care for them for the whole day.  A family in our church graciously volunteered to have them for the day.  They have two teenage boys who love my little boys and my little boys think they are great!

About an hour after they left, I found myself really sad.  It is a beautiful day outside but I'm inside...without the people I love most.  I'm tired of TV.  I'm tired of the Internet.  I'm tired of magazines.  I'm tired of books.  Then, I got a text from two different church members telling me how great things were going at the church.  Today was a big day at Stetson and hearing that made my heart happy.  Then, a few minutes later, Byron sent a text to say they were heading to a playground with the boys.  It happens to be their favorite playground.  In a matter of minutes, I went from sad to sheer joy.  Joy that Dan is doing what he loves and God is working in him and in our church.  Joy that my boys are having a super fun day with friends who love them.  Joy that Pandora is playing a little David Crowder Band as I pull out my Bible, journals and Paul study.  

And, if that wasn't enough, a friend sent a text offering to drop by food from Cracker Barrel and another offered to drop by and get me for lunch.  So, I'm leaving this place for a little bit to soak in some of the sunshine and JOY of being with a dear friend!

Friday, September 28, 2012

A little fun...

...with his two favorite stuffed friends!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

One Month Post Surgery

I just returned from my weekly visit with my surgeon.  My surgery was one month ago toady.  I was so hopeful this would be the week she would graduate me from weekly visits to biweekly.  But, that didn't happen.  I still have to see her on a weekly basis for the unforeseeable future.  At least I like her!  Dan still has to take off work to drive me since I can't drive yet.  I'm just grateful we are only going over to Port Orange and not into Orlando each time.  

She said I'm healing great and she could see a major difference between this week and last.  But, she also limited me to lifting nothing over a pound.  No more gallons of milk.  No more carrying a purse.  No more clothes from the dryer to the bed.  Ugh!  Do you know how many things weigh more than a pound?  Yeah, pretty much everything!  She reiterated the zero housework/zero cooking/zero lifting point.  It's odd because I actually am beginning to feel completely normal again but I just can't do anything.  

She has certainly "scared" me away from pushing it.  This surgery only has a 65% success rate when you do everything perfect.  I'm not gonna chance it just to load the dishwasher or cook a meal.  How noble of me, huh?  HA!  Honestly, I long for the normalcy again.  I'd love to step into my kitchen and whip up a meal for my family.  I would give most anything to pick my baby boy up out of his bed and just hold him close.  Seriously, it has been a solid month since I've picked Micah up and held him.  But, I know this recovery has to happen so that I can do a lot of picking up/snuggling/cleaning/cooking in the future.  It seems like a slow process but it will be worth it for a 100% recovery.  

So, we wait.  I still have to have someone with me in order to care for Micah.  I can't be alone with him unless he is asleep.  He handles that really well when he can't see me.  But, when he spots me, the whining starts for his "Moooommmmy!"  I'm still utilizing drivers because I can't drive until I'm completely off pain meds.  But, I have to take one if I'm out and about.  So, it is kind of a catch 22.  I don't take them at all if I'm home all day long.  We've been blessed with such wonderful meals, fabulous care for our kiddos, transportation, cleaning help and prayers.  We certainly feel the love!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

SBC staff

Each quarter, we do a birthday celebration to honor the staff at Stetson who had birthdays during that time.  The initial idea was for me to cook a big meal and bring it in each time.  But, that idea quickly faded when we started imagining me trying to get food ready and delivered with a certain almost 2 year old in tow.  So, we opted to do pizza each time instead.  We also order a yummy cake.  Yesterday was a chocolate cake with fresh strawberry filling and cream cheese icing.  It was a hit.  

We took a quick staff photo after lunch yesterday but we only had iPhones.  So, the quality isn't great but you get the point.  Dan says this staff is one of his favorite parts of Stetson.  We have spent countless hours talking the last few months about the strides this group has made together.  They have spent significant energy and intention on developing staff relationships and growing personally and relationally.  Even during VBS, two different staff members told me the vibe and feelings around our church are they best they can remember.  Around June, they started doing some different things and it is really paying off.  

We really are blessed to be part of this group of people.  We look forward to the months/years ahead with them.  We are planning some fun things for the Holidays.  And, of course, they are looking forward to the next random cake flavor!  :-)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A morning with Micah

A few weeks before my surgery, I grabbed my camera in order to document some of my day with Micah.  I should have done this on a day that did not involve paint.  Because, let's face it, when you have an almost 2 year old, you need ALL hands on deck when there is paint involved. 

Once we cleaned the paint mess, we moved to his room to play for a while.  Jonah got this slide when he was about 18 months old.  I'm so glad we kept it because Micah has loved it.  We keep it in his room.  It gets lots of use.  From both boys!!!

One of his favorite things in our house is Jonah's drawer of musical instruments.  He plays with those for hours at a time.  Dan says he actually has pretty good rythym.  Good to know because I have NONE!

Greg and Cindi gave Micah this Elmo phone when we visited Vidalia back in August.  He adores it.  It stays near him at most all of the time.  I think that where some of his love of Abby came from.  She rotates through the phone with Ernie and Oscar.  Thanks to them, his birthday party is a full Sesame Street party now.  

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The big outing

Last night, as Dan was dozing off, I said "can we go to lunch tomorrow?"  He quickly said he didn't think it was a good idea.  Then I turned on full whine mode and told him I was going stir crazy and needed to be in the real world for a little while.  I assured him he could pick me up after church and we could eat somewhere close to home and I would be fine.  He was skeptical but I convinced him it was a good plan.  

They got home from church about 12:30 and I was dressed (somewhat sloppily) and waiting.  I took a pain pill in advance.  My doctor has advised this for when I visit her each week and anytime I leave the house.  We enjoyed a quiet lunch at Mulligans- the restaurant at the local golf club.  We walked in to see a couple of tables of church members.  It was nice to visit with them for a few minutes.  

Dan needed to stop at Lowes for a garden hose so I was going to stay in the car with the boys while ran in.  But, I convinced him of several things we needed at Target so we went there first.  He let me and Jonah out at the front door and I went directly to the things on my list.  I filled my cart with 10 or so things.  Jonah got sidetracked at the pumpkin carving kits so we stopped there for a while to look.  Dan and Micah found us there.  Since Micah was already buckled into the cart, I just moved my purse over there.  It wasn't until I got to the front to check out that I realized all the things I needed were still in the back in that cart.  Dan and Micah had already gone to get the car and I definitely didn't have the energy to walk to the back so we left Target with none of the things I shopped for or needed.  

But, I did manage to get a picture of Jonah in this hilarious mask.  

While we were there, Jonah used some of his money from Jimmy and Cathy to get get two books.  He got a new Magic Tree house book that was on Clearance and a Batman book.  He was quite happy!

We made a quick stop at Lowes and now I'm back in bed.  Those couple of hours wore me out but it was so nice to get out.  I even put on makeup.  At one point during lunch, Jonah said "Mommy, do you remember when we used to do fun things together?"  Dan assured him that day would come again.  I can hardly wait!


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