Saturday, September 1, 2012

Messages from friends!

We have a group of Senior Adult women at our church who get together to play Bunco, games, cards and lots of other crazy things.  Last night, I got these pictures via text from them.  I think it was "Tacky Tourist" night at Bunco!

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Friday, August 31, 2012

Lunch with Mrs. Hoover

When Jonah came home from school toady, he came into my room and crawled into the bed with me.  He said "I know you are going to ask what the best part of my day was so I came straight in here to tell you.  I got to have lunch with my teacher.  My team got the most points so she ate lunch with us.  It was great!"  I went on to ask him lots of questions about what the lunch was like and what all they talked about.  He told me lots of things and then he said "Mommy, she asked how you were doing and when I said she's good, Mrs. Hoover said THAT IS GREAT and I know she meant it because her voice went like this..."  He then proceeded to to show me how her voice changed as she said it.  He was so proud that his teacher cared about his mommy.  And, he was so proud to have lunch with her. 

I'm so grateful for another year with a wonderful teacher who truly cares about her students.  I'm not sure if she knows what a 30 minute lunch meant to those 3 or 4 kids but for my little guy, it meant the world!

Thursday, August 30, 2012


I'm alive!  For  a few hours earlier this week, I questioned the reality of that statement.  But, after anesthesia wore off and I began to feel a little better, I realized I had actually weathered the storm of my first surgery.  And, for the record, I'm not a fan of anesthesia.  Well, actually, I probably am a fan of the actual anesthesia, just not the after effects and recovery from anesthesia.  

On Monday, I had a colon repair done and then spent a couple of days in the hospital.  I got to come home yesterday and then had to see the surgeon today for a follow up visit.  I'll have to her again once a week for the next six weeks or so.  My mother in law is here helping with the boys.  Dan is being typical Dan and helping anywhere that is needed.  My friends are providing meals, play dates, pick ups and drop offs from school and my dog is providing constant companionship.  I'm a lucky girl!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My hero

The blog is quiet because I'm in the hospital. I'll write more about that later but I just have to give props to my wonderful husband. I've always known it, but he really is amazing. I'm so blessed to have him in my life. The whole "in sickness and in health" has been put to the test this week and he totally rocked it.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Flyin' high!

Sometimes, the most fun my boys can have ends up being very good exercise for me!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Meet the Teacher- First Grade

A couple of weeks ago, we took Jonah to meet his 1st grade teacher.  We took her a coffee mug with a Starbucks gift card inside.  The note said "Looking forward to a great year with you.  I'm guessing you will need a "Latte" of caffeine!"  I totally stole this idea from my friend Malinda.  And, by a total fluke, she loves zebra print.  Good to know!

We went to the Multi-purpose room to find out his teacher and location of his classroom.  He was very happy to see Savannah.  He has always liked her.  

We were thrilled again this year to discover that Jonah had a wonderful teacher.  She comes with RAVE reviews from former students.  
I was immediately shocked to discover how "grown up" his classroom is compared to last year.  There are no toys and not as many bright colors.  It is much more a "learning" environment than a fun and vibrant room.  And, there are desks rather than tables.  

When Jonah was handed his room/teacher assignment, Mr. Whitaker said "Oh, you got Mrs. Hoover.  She LOVES science.  You will have so much fun!"  He still talks about that.  He is so excited about the potential of fun science experiments. 

His buddy, Rylan Carlos is in the classroom across the hall from him.  They get to see each other periodically throughout the day.  
And, here she is...Jonah's first grade teacher, Mrs. Hoover.  We love her already!
As we were leaving, we ran into Deanna.  She is in a different class than Jonah but they are still big buddies.  We all love her.  She is a sweet girl.  
The two of them together walked into their classroom from last year to see their teacher, Mrs. Myers.  She was WONDERFUL and we will miss her tons.  But, part of growing up is moving on.  So, we are...moving right on into First grade!


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