Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mega Millions

I've never bought a lottery ticket.  I have been to a couple of casinos but only because my last job required me to go there to meet with their billing supervisor because my company serviced them.  As best as I can remember, I've never gambled.  Unless, of course, you count the raffle ticket or occasional bingo game for a fundraiser?!?  And, now that I type that, I can't really think of a time that I ever played bingo either? 

Anyway, it seems that everywhere I turned this week, I was hearing about the huge jackpot.  Friends who had never before bought a lottery ticket, were standing in long (I'm talking HOURS) lines to get theirs.  Facebook was inundated with talk of it.  One friend did a post on her blog about what she would do with the money if she won.  It made me think about what I would do if I won that much money.  

So, here goes...

1.  Tithe-  I'm a firm believer in tithing.  I could tell you crazy stories about how God blessed us financially because we were faithful to give to Him from our first fruits.  So, it would be very easy for me to immediately write a check to my church.  Fortunately, the amount tithed off such big winnings would pay off our debt at the church.  That, in turn would allow us to make some significant staff hires that revolutionize the way we are doing things right now.  It would be incredible to immediately hire a full-time Children's pastor and Education Minister.  That wouldn't be an issue with a tithe check that large.

2.  Work for free-  How amazing would it be to continue to Pastor Stetson Baptist church but instead take Dan's salary and use it for a Church plant somewhere?  I've always heard that you should find a job that you would do even if you didn't get paid.  Dan has found that job in Pastoral Ministry.  So, doing it for free would be amazing.

3.  Take care of our family- Immediately pay off our mortgage and student loans.  Fully fund our retirement and college funds for our kids.

4.  Take care of our mothers-  It would be so cool to pay off Dan's mom's house and buy my mom a new house.  We would also buy both of them safe and roomy vehicles.  And, while we are at it, we would do the same for our grandmothers.

5.  Pay the debt at FBC, Vidalia-  It was such a joy to cast the vision and then lead those people, our friends, through the Catch the Vision campaign for the Sanctuary.  They are about $800,000 away from being debt free.  I would love to write that final check so that all of their resources can go towards ministry and not debt retirement.

6.  Siblings-  Between the two of us, we have 3 brothers and 1 sister.  Paying off their mortgages and funding their kid's college would bring me incredible joy.

7.  RAOK- Random Acts of Kindness.  It would be so exciting just to randomly bless strangers.  Can you imagine hearing about someone who had a need and being able to just meet that need? 

8.  New car for Dan-  Nothing fancy but considering his gear shift broke off today, it would be nice.  I'm guessing he would go for a 2012 Accord.  Or, Maybe a Pilot?  

9.  Travel-  I'm not sure we would travel much now but we would definitely make plans for later.  You see, in case you haven't traveled with a 16 month old lately...well, let's just say there isn't much fun about that.  Some of our destinations would be Hawaii, London, The entire Pacific Coast Highway, an Alaskan Cruise, enough time in NYC to see all of the Broadway Shows we want to see, Colorado, Paris and a Mediterranean Cruise.  

10.  Meet our sponsored World Vision kids-  That is one trip we would make soon.  We would go see them and then have a chance to bless their centers, families and villages in major ways.  AND, we would love to send other sponsors to meet their sponsored kids.  

11.  Yearly Mission Trips with our closest friends-  It would be so crazy exciting to take a group of people out of the country to minister together.  

12.  Resurface our pool deck-  Small job but it is very slippery.  

13.  Bless those who gave and did for us over the years never expecting anything in return! is fun to dream!

What would you do with the big jackpot?

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Butterfly Art Exhibit

Kindergarten has been fun for Jonah.  I'm not just talking about the actual part of going to school but every single thing that has anything to do with his school.  (Like, he even sings the school song as he his playing!?!?)  And, because he is new to this whole school thing, he takes EVERY thing literal.  For instance, when the morning announcements say "you need to come to skate night..." he thinks they mean that he NEEDS to be there.  He has had several meltdowns over things we could not attend due to calendar issues.  It isn't because he really wanted to go but because Mrs. (insert random adult from his school) said he needed to be there.

So, pretty soon after Christmas, we started hearing about the big art show at school.  He talked about it all the time.  On numerous occasions, he would say "Don't forget about the Butterfly Exhibit and art show because I need to go and I want you and daddy there too!"  I'm serious, he talked about it ALL. THE. TIME!  So, surely we wouldn't forget.  Right?  As the Grinch would say, WRONG-O!!!!

Even with all of his incessant reminders, the information that came home several times from the school and the big reminders at the school, I still forgot.  In my defense, it happened on a Wednesday.  We knew from the beginning that Dan couldn't be there.  Wednesdays are a super busy day for him so that was never really an option.  Also, Wednesday is the day he goes home with a friend each week.  So, I didn't get reminded when I picked him up.  

I had been out all morning with Micah and got him home and down for a much needed nap.  He was 15 minutes into his nap with my friend sent me a text asking if I was going to be at the art show.  OH DEAR!  I knew Jonah was there with his friend waiting on me.  I felt awful!!  The worst part was that Micah was asleep and since I knew how tired he was, waking him up after 15-20 minutes would be a disaster.  I let him keep sleeping and started calling people who might could come stay with him while I ran to Jonah's school.  After several unsuccessful attempts, I just woke him a rushed right up there.  

I got there and quickly found him.  He was thrilled that I "FINALLY" made it!  Hey, at least he was in good hands.  And, he was having fun with his friend.  So, it wasn't TOTAL mommy failure.  Close, but not total!  
Before I go any further, let me say, neither Dan nor myself are artistic.  We don't even border creative.  So, we never expected our children to excel in art.  Apparently we shot too low.  Check out this kids work!  His is the middle painting.  I was BLOWN AWAY!  I kept saying "Did you really do that by yourself?"

The art show had several animals from the Central Florida zoo there.  The kids got to touch them and learn about them.  

There were also several stations set up for them to do various artistic things.  The art teacher was telling me how I needed to get whatever this next thing was.  She followed it up by saying "it is super messy and hard to clean up but the colors are very vibrant and make such beautiful things!"  Yeah, she obviously knows me NONE!  Don't think I'll be purchasing anything that is prefaced with "super messy and hard to clean up!!!"

After purchasing his framed print, we walked into the art room.  It was beautiful.  All of the grades painted various parts of the room with neon paint and then they replaced the lights with black lights.  It was really cool.  

I'm so grateful my friend sent me that text so I didn't miss the entire thing.  Jonah would have been crushed.  And, after seeing it, I would have been sad too.  And this guy, whew, remind me to NEVER wake him after a short nap.  He is used to 4-6 hours worth of nap time each day.  He does okay if he misses it altogether but getting that little amount MESSED HIM UP!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jonah:  Mommy, did you just tell someone a story about me?

Me:  Yes, I was telling Jimmy about what you said when he called earlier and I didn't answer.

Jonah:  Well, if you ever tell a story about me again, I want to know what the story is.  And, I want to know if you have ever told stories about me before?

Um, apparently he doesn't know about this blog!  I might need to shut it down!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

A rough day

Today was Jonah's first day back at school since he broke his arm.  He was a little sad that he couldn't go to PE or be on the playground with his friends.  But, we assured him he would be okay missing those things for a couple of weeks.  I went to his school about 20 minutes before the bell so I could talk to his teacher about the yearbook.  We (as in Dan) are designing the Kindergarten pages and I had some questions.  

The kids were finishing up their day as his teacher filled me in on his day.  She said he did a fabulous job of writing with his right hand even though it was broken.  She said he actually worked faster than typical.  She told me all of the good things then said "But, he had a little accident on the way to lunch."  She went on to tell me how he tripped and fell on the concrete walking to the cafeteria.  She said he scraped his knee pretty badly.  She sent him right to the clinic and sent David along to help him.  

When he walked over to me, I saw the huge bandage on his knee.  He immediately told me about hurting himself and that it embarrassed him to fall down in front of his friends.  I hugged him and kissed him and told him how brave he was and how rough it has been for him lately between his arm and now his leg.  He was fine.  

Then, as he went to grab his backpack so we could leave, he got caught up in the feet of some of his friends and fell again.  He hit hard on his hurt knee then also landed on the other one.  He immediately screamed in pain and the tears started flowing.  I felt so bad for him.  So did his teacher and friends.  He was just pitiful.  

I got him cleaned up and we started to the car.  I tried to take his mind off of his hurting knees so I asked about his lunch.  (He always compliments me on making the best lunch in his class!  AND, he has been getting lunchbox notes from special friends in his life!  So, lunch is one of the first topics we discuss each day.)  Anyway, I asked about his lunch and he started crying again.  He told me that because he was in the clinic, he didn't have enough time to eat his lunch and had to throw most of it away.

Seriously, could his day get any worse?  

I was glad I already had a little treat in mind for him today.  But, more about that in another post!

Why I would be sad!

I'm having a problem with Jonah not paying attention in parking lots.  It has been a real struggle lately and has become a constant discussion around our house.  He almost walked in front of a UPS truck the other day.  He is so easily distracted and just doesn't pay attention.  Since he is five years old, he doesn't quite get the ramifications of how dangerous this is.  I told him that if he wasn't watching, a truck could run over him and hurt him really badly.  He said "Or, I might die!"  

"Yes, you might die and I would be so sad."  I said.  He asked me what I would do if he died.  I told him "I would probably cry myself to sleep every night and I would have a very hard time being happy again."  He thought about it for a minute and then said "I'll be more careful, I promise!"  

Well, we went on about our day and several hours later, he came up and said "I know another reason you would be sad if I died!"  I asked him what it was thinking it was something super sweet.  He said "You would have to pick up all the toys in the living room yourself instead of telling me to do it!"

Sunday, March 25, 2012

An afternoon of boys!

I'm surrounded by boys.  Even my dog is a boy.  Many of my friends have boys.  I married a boy.  And, long before I had this life, I grew up with two brothers.  I guess it is all I have ever known or will ever know.  Some days, I have just my two boys.  They love each other.  A LOT!  The little one wants to do whatever the big one is doing.  

A couple of days each week, I have different kiddos at my house.  On this particular day, Rylan Carlos was here.  Jonah finished his homework quickly so he helped Rylan Carlos with his reading.  

And Micah, well, he helped me figure out some settings on my new camera just by being cute and all.  

Sometime in the midst of this afternoon with three boys, I told my friend to drop her two by since she had an appointment.  Then I had five boys age five and under.  Oh, and one boy dog.  

Micah was happy because there was finally another boy his size.  And, by "his size," I mean within fifteen pounds or so!  He is a little on the chunky side, ya know!?!  Oh, and be sure to notice the difference in their clothing.  Miller's momma is definitely a Florida girl.  He was dressed warm and cozy on this fine spring day.  Micah was not.  He was in full summer mode.  

After playing outside for a while, we all came inside for a snack.  I gave these two an equal amount of blueberries.  Look who gobbled his up quickly!

After a yummy snack and then dinner, the boys were some kind of messy.  So, I put them in the tub.  Then, I needed to contain them while I cleaned up the water in the bathroom.  So, into the crib they went.  And, as a side note, HOW ON EARTH DO PEOPLE HAVE TWINS???

Jonah read to Holder while I got things picked up.  I tried to bathe him too but he said "No, thank you!"

Then, Jonah read to Miller.  (Seeing a trend here?  My boy is a reader!!)

We all moved into Jonah's room to play for a while.  Micah thinks that is the best place in the whole world to play.  

We all moved to the living room to watch a little Veggie Tales.  Jonah and Miller read books for a long time.  Usually Jonah and Holder play together while Micah and Miller do their own thing.  But, that day was completely different.  They all switched allegiances and still had a great time together.  


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