Saturday, March 3, 2012

Micah's words

One day this week, Micah decided to start talking.  Up until now, I've been a bit worried about his lack of vocabulary.  And, by worried, I mean more like "a little obsessive and almost make myself sick" worried.  If you remember, I was quite sick for the entire 39 weeks of my pregnancy.  I took very few (less than a whole bottle) pre-natal vitamins.  My nutrition was terrible.  My water intake was minimal.  I was sick.  If I did eat, it was usually macaroni and cheese or toast.  So, I worried about how that would affect him.  And now, every time he has any sort of sickness or developmental issue, I blame myself for him not getting the proper nutrients or DHA and ARA while he was in my tummy.

I was the most worried around his birthday.  I distinctly remember Jonah's first birthday party being filled with words from him.  He called most everyone by name.  He ran to jump in the arms of those he loved.  He said lots of words and most everyone understood them.  Micah, up until this week, has said hardly anything.  Yes, I know.  Every child is different and develops at different paces but my head keeps going back to what he didn't get in the womb.  

Just this week, he decided to start saying a few things.  To start off, he is very polite.  He says "thank you" hundreds of times a day.  And, most of those times, he does this little "tomahawk chop" thing when he does it.  The Seminole fans around here think that is great.  And, thank you sounds more like "Na Nu" but we know what he means and he certainly knows what he means.  We get thanked all day long.  I love it.  

The other thing I really love is "I DEE ET!"  Which, in English is "I did it!'  He says this after accomplishing any sort of climb or dangerous activity.  (Which, is about 90 percent of what he does!!)  He is so proud of himself when he manages to get his body up to a place that is higher than him.  He usually squeals "I dee et!"  Today, my friend Donna had him and she sent a text to saying it sounds like he says "I did it!"  I told her that was exactly what he was saying.  So, I'm glad I'm not dreaming it.  

If you have been around him much, then you know he says "DADA" all the time.  He rarely says "MAMA."  He thinks it is a joke.  If me, Dan or Jonah says "Micah, say mama!," he says "DADA" then giggles his little heart out.  But, what name do you think he calls when he is in the bed and wants out?  It's not dada!

He is also pretty fluent in "AWESOME!"  I blame that solely on Rylan Carlos.  He introduced that word to Jonah and now the two of them say it at least 120 times a week on their play dates.  So, Micah says that too.  

He certainly has other words, but those are his favorites.  He is slowly beginning to "get" the whole talking thing  I remember my friend Diane telling me that 18 months was the magic age for her daughter where words were concerned.  She said at that age, it was like a switch flipped.  And, she was right.  Jonah really started talking then.  I'll be curious to see if the same is true for Micah.  I'm just glad he is finally saying something.  And, that he spends more time each day jabbering.  I don't know what he is saying but he certainly has SOMETHING on his mind!


Rylan Carlos:  I think Cap'n Crunch is my favorite cereal but I don't know if my mom has any money to buy it.

Jonah:  How do you know if your mom has money?

Rylan Carlos:  Just ask her.  She will probably say no.  Moms always say no.

Jonah:  Well, I have a lot of money in my piggy bank but my parents only have pennies.  I think they don't have any money at all.  So, I won't ask for anything. long could I keep him in the dark???

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A lie?

Jonah:  Mommy, where is your car?

Me:  Home.  I walked here and we are going to walk home.

Jonah:  What?  It is too hot to walk home.  

Me:  I'm just kidding!

Jonah:  What does just kidding mean?

Me:  Well, um...well, it means what I told you wasn't the truth but it was a joke.

Jonah:  So you told me a lie.  You told me a joke lie?  Mommy, I think you aren't supposed to lie.  Even a joke lie is a lie.  Are you gonna tell daddy you told me a joke lie?  He won't like that.  He doesn't like lies even when they are jokes.

Point taken, son!  Point taken!
Yesterday, as we were leaving for church, Jonah asked if he could take one toy in the car.  I told him yes so he ran to his room and grabbed a motorcycle and two men who ride the cycle.  As we were driving down the road, I heard him say "OK, my name is Thomas Jefferson.  You can call me Thomas.  You better do what I say or I will kill you Abraham.  And, I think you know that getting shot really hurts!"

I was giggling from the front seat.  Can't you tell he has been studying presidents at school the last couple of weeks?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

A different way home

 Last Friday, I was leaving the doctor's office and thought how nice it was outside.  The weather was simply beautiful and there was a nice breeze.  Dan was out of town so I decided to stop by the house, get Jonah's bike and then drop it off at school.  Then, I came home, changed shoes, grabbed water and some snacks for Micah then took off with Micah in the stroller.  

We walked to Jonah's school and waited for him outside his classroom door.  Man, it was hot!  I didn't change out of jeans and I neglected to check the weather before leaving.  It was 86 degrees and the breeze I noticed earlier in the day never showed during the walk.  But, since I walked there, I had no choice but to walk back home.  I just hoped Jonah would be excited about it.  

 He was!  He thought it was so cool (or AWESOME as he kept saying) that he could ride his bike home.  He told everyone who was within earshot.  He called Ethan over to show him.  

We would have made it home quicker had Jonah not felt the need to stop and point out EVERY. PIECE. OF. LITTER. HE. SAW!!!!  Oh my word!
 Micah enjoyed the adventure except for the time he spotted me drinking from a water bottle.  He quickly threw his sippy cup to the ground and cried for my bottle until I gave him an empty one to play with.  

I was so proud of this little guy.  He did great on the 1.5 mile journey home.  He only had to stop for a couple of water breaks but otherwise did great.  I got a nice 3 mile walk out of it so it was a win/win for both of us.  

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Family time at the park

After Jonah's last Upward Basketball game yesterday, we ran home to change clothes then headed out again.  After a quick lunch as Subway, we went to a local park.  This park is about 3 miles from our house but we had never been.  There are paved trails all around the park and one that goes 3 miles and ends up at Blue Spring State Park.  I definitely want to take my bike back and do that!  We started at the playground and spent a while there.  

A certain 15 month that lives in our house has NO FEAR.  N.O.N.E.  He launched himself right up this rock climbing wall while his 5 year old brother watched.  

Then he went down the curvy slide.  Again and again and again.  He giggled the whole way down and squealed until he got to the top again.  And, just as a side note, I normally do playgrounds alone but I totally discovered the benefit of Dan's help.  A set of hands at the top and bottom really came in handy.  

We heard there was a hiking trail through the woods that led to a lake so we decided to do that.  In that moment, I wished we had a jogging stroller rather than the one we had.  This one was NOT made for off-road activities.  

We all enjoyed the time out there.  It was fun being the middle of the woods.  The boys got to run and play and just be boys.  They played with sticks and rocks.  They ran and jumped.  The giggled and screamed.  It was fun!  Oh, and Micah fell down...A LOT!  (Walking on uneven ground is tough for a toddler!)

And, in true Jonah fashion, he found a map! 
When we got back to the playground, we were the only people there.  Both boys gravitated to the place they wanted to play.  Jonah ended up on the toddler side and Micah on the big kid side.  Dan noticed it and pointed it out.  Such an accurate depiction of those two!  Jonah playing it safe and Micah living dangerously! 

We even took Jonah's bouncy ball with us so he could bounce for a while.  He loved that.  


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