Saturday, February 18, 2012

Food groups

Day 5 of being home with sick kiddos finds BOTH of them throwing up again today.  Yep, both of them!  I had to take a quick Lysol break to tell you what Jonah just said.  

Me:  How are you buddy?

Jonah:  Not so good!

Me:  Do you feel like you are gonna throw up or do you just feel bad?

Jonah:  I just feel really bad.  All of the food groups are gone.

Me:  All of the food groups?

Jonah:  I threw them up.  My body was full of all the food groups and now it has none and I feel bad.  My body needs all of the food groups to function.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

2 out of 4 are down!

Tonight, a little five year old boy is sleeping on a very thick pallet on our bathroom floor.  (9 blankets!!)  He started throwing up this evening around 6:30 p.m.  Poor guy.  As I was bathing him after he was covered in vomit, I told him he couldn't go to school tomorrow.  He asked why.  I explained that when you get sick that you have to stay home so other people won't get your germs.  He said "but I want to get sick at school so I can see the clinic.  I've never seen it before and I've really wondered what it looked like!"

Even though he would love to see the inside of the clinic, we will keep him home tomorrow.  He has thrown up several times tonight already.  I think it might just be (another) long night in the Glenn household.  

The moment Micah started throwing up Tuesday morning, I knew we would probably all get this.  I kept praying that God would spare Dan until after Kevin's funeral today.  And, he did.  So, I'm very grateful for that and now we just wait...I'm pretty sure it is coming!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

After Jonah went to bed, he got up and walked into Micah's room (as I was Lysoling every surface!)  Before I could ask what he was doing, all of this came out.

"Mommy, you forgot to lay out my clothes for tomorrow.  I hope I get to go to school tomorrow.  Am I going to school?  I still have things to learn.  I don't know everything.  But, I do know what a Python is.  I can tell you about that if you want to know!"

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Any guesses as to what is going on at our house today?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

PTA Walkathon

A few weeks ago, Micah and I joined Jonah at his school for the PTA Walkathon.  It was a beautiful day outside.  (Unlike the crazy cold weather we will have tomorrow for Grandparents Day!!)  I took Micah in his stroller thinking he would enjoy being strolled around during the event.  But, the music started and that dude (along with Craig Uppercue) started dancing and he wanted OUT!

 I made the first round with Jonah and some of his friends with Micah in the stroller.  But, as we neared the end of the first lap, I unbuckled him and let him out to walk with us.  

 He was BEYOND thrilled.  And, the kids loved it.  They all fought over who got to hold his hand.  Most of the time, Ava won out.  (She is Jonah's girlfriend, afterall!)

 And, when I say they fought over it, I really mean it.  The kids fought over who got to hold his hand and walk with Micah.  Jonah loved that it was HIS baby brother.  

 Every now and then, Micah would stop walking and just dance for a while.  And, usually there was someone there to just dance with him.  

 I was so proud of Jonah for walking and running the entire time.  He didn't even complain about being tired.  ;-)  But, he was glad it was over when all was said and done.  As they lined back up in their classes, he happened to be next to Ava.  I snapped a picture of them and then DeAnna quickly informed me that she wanted to be in a picture too.  As you will see, she may not be aware of the 2 year relationship with Jonah and Ava.  Ha!

It was a great event and fundraiser for our school.  Jonah won the top prize in Kindergarten for raising the most money.  His prize was a kickball.  As soon as it warms up, we will have to make a little trip to the field behind his school one afternoon for a friendly game of Kickball!


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