Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Playing" outside!

Jonah was begging to go outside and play with his friends today.  As you can see, he just relished the idea of running free and playing his heart out!

Oh, wait!  Actually they sat in chairs and played video games.  Welcome to 2012!  Ugh!  Fortunately, he ran and played for a while and then noticed the other games.  He came up to me and with his best whiney voice, he said "All of the the other kids are playing games with electricity and I'm not!"  So, I let him go inside to get his DS.  Then, all was well in his world.  Hey, at least they were still playing together!

Friday, February 10, 2012

He doesn't like pickles!

Jonah:  I hate pickles.  I would never eat a pickle.

Me:  I bet I could get you to eat a pickle.

Jonah:  No you can't!

Me.  What if I give you a new Wii game if you eat a pickle?

Jonah:  Nope!

Me:  A new DS game?

Jonah:  Nope!

Me:  A bag of candy.

Jonah:  What kind?

Me:  ANY kind!

Jonah:  Nope!  I still wouldn't eat a pickle.  I don't like pickles.

Me:  What if I let you stay up as late as you wanted and not have a bedtime?

Jonah:  I'm not eating a pickle!

Me:  What if I said if you don't eat a pickle then I'm keeping Lammy forever.

Jonah:  MOMMY!  You are just saying mean things now.  I don't like pickles but I do like Lammy and I don't want to talk about this anymore.

a few minutes pass and then I hear this from the backseat.

Jonah:  Let's talk about that bag of candy some more!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dan's 38th birthday

I picked Jonah up from school and went straight to JoAnn's for a few craft supplies and then to the mall. We had about three hours to get some things ready for Dan's arrival.  We wanted to do something special for his birthday but I didn't do so good on the 'planning ahead' thing.  Him being out of town the first part of the week put me a little behind.  So, we were in speed mode this afternoon.

I grabbed my hot glue gun, puzzle pieces and blank canvas and got started in the kitchen while Jonah entertained Micah.  Once the hot glue work was done, Jonah and Micah came in to get involved.  I painted Jonah's hand and Micah's foot.  I wanted to do both of their hands but I knew I could never do Micah's alone without someone here to help me.  

I meant to look on Pinterest before leaving the house but I forgot so I had to come up with something on my own.  I bought an 11x14 canvas, an acrylic photo frame, puzzle pieces, paint brushes and a paint pen.  I glued the puzzle pieces around the edges of the canvas.  Then, I glued the acrylic 4x6 frame in the lower left corner.  I only had one picture of the boys but it was 7 months old.  I used it anyway with plans to replace it in the next few days.  
Painting Jonah's hand and placing it on the canvas was easy.  Painting Micah's foot and placing it on the canvas was NOT easy.  As a matter of fact, there is still blue paint on the wooden high chair.  As if the stress of that moment wasn't enough, I was letting Jonah use my new Nikon while standing on the tile floor.  Eeeks!  But, I knew I'd want some photos of this experience so I trusted him and went with it.  (but I was still sweating it!!)

I gave Micah a Baby Mum Mum to eat while Jonah wrote in Dan's card.  That kept him entertained for about 16 seconds.  I used that time to clean some of the paint.  

Dan was scheduled to be home from work around 5:30 p.m. so we rushed to get the table ready for him. We gave him the canvas (you'll see a close up pic later in this post), a framed Bulldog pic of the boys, a cookie cake, Hot Tamales, a whoopie cushion (yes, Jonah thought that would be the greatest gift ever!!) and a recordable Hallmark book.  

He called to say he was turning into the neighborhood so Jonah ran out to meet him.  He was so excited to show him everything but especially to see how that Whoopie Cushion worked.  (Oh to be 5!)

Why yes, he is holding a camel with a MSU hat!  The kids at the school gave him this today.  Long story.  But, speaking of the kids, he got the SWEETEST cards and letters from many of the students and teachers at Stetson Baptist Christian School.  Maybe I'll do a separate post on some of them.  Seriously, so sweet and kind.  I think they meant more to him that most any thing he has ever received.  Some were so sweet and personal.  

Anyway, Jonah made him close his eyes and then led him into the kitchen and showed him every single thing.  Then, he showed him the recordable Hallmark book and told him what he said on each page before he let him punch the button.  So much for the surprise!

Look at Jonah's face.  This was the exact reaction the first time Dan inflated the whoopie cushion!  He thought it was hilarious!

"To DaD frum JoNah love Jonah  Haappy birthday"

Sometimes it is hard to plan something exciting or super special when there is nothing he really wants.  But, we couldn't let the day go by without letting him know how much we love him and how amazing we think he is.  Happy Birthday, babe!  

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Little boys!

I was reading a blog tonight about a little girl and her mommy having tea parties while the big brother is at school.  For just a minute, I thought "I wish I could do that."  Then, I was reminded that I'm a boy momma for a reason.  And, while smocked dresses and big bows make my heart flutter, girl clothes for an 8 year old make me want to cry.  And, just yesterday, I had four little boys (including Micah) at my house for several hours and there was no drama.  NONE.  No one cried, pouted or screamed.  Instead, they played puppy dogs, Star Wars and ate A LOT!  I've always heard people say that "boys love their mommas!"  Heck, I say that to every mom who discovers she is pregnant with a baby boy.  I do think it is true.  Boys do love their mommas!  But, this momma sure loves her boys!  (and her boy's friends!)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another Saturday, another Upward Basketball game

These days, every Monday night and Saturday morning are filled with basketball.  Jonah loves it.  He has yet to make a basket.  He is thrilled when he "almost touches the net."  He doesn't know his skills are any less than others on his team.  He truly thinks he is a star.  So, that makes it fun.  

Honestly, he has gotten so much better since his first practice.  He can actually dribble the ball now and even touched it in a game.  And, if you ask him, he is "really, really good at basketball!"  I love his self confidence.  

And, this little guy does not love all of these Saturday games.  Actually, he does love the excitement but doesn't love being confined to his stroller.  (Oh, and please notice the coat he is wearing.  It is one of the two times it has been cold enough this winter to have a coat on.  Nice!)

Since the game was 30 minutes away, I decided to let Micah out of his stroller to play for a bit.  He loved it!  What he didn't love was being put back in the stroller.  Big mistake to ever let him out.  But, he sure had a ball (pun totally intended) out there.  

Micah was happy to see his friends, Holder and Miller come to the game.  Although, he would have liked it more if they could have been out on the court playing too.  

And, Jonah favorite part of Upward...snack and award time!

It seems these two were much more interested in geography than basketball.  No kidding, they stood at this globe for 20+ minutes!


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