Monday, December 3, 2012

Stuff, etc

Do you ever feel like you have TOO MUCH STUFF???  Then, you discover yourself shopping online for more stuff?  That's kind of where I am.  I have been in major clean out mode yet I can't stay away from looking at more stuff.  I guess the only difference is that I'm getting rid of things that have been put away and not used for quite some time.  And, I'm searching for things I "need" to finish decorating parts of my house. 

We have a great local Facebook site that allows you to post items for sell and the only people using it are local.  And, since it is FB, you are able to see who your mutual friends are.  It is kind of like Craigslist but you have a little more security about who you are selling to/buying from.  I've made quite a bit of money in $5 and $6 increments over the last month.  And, I've bought 3/4 of my kid's Christmas from there.  They won't realize their gifts aren't in original boxes.  The things I have bought look practically new but I paid drastically less.  For instance, on Imaginext Toy they want is $49.99 new.  I traded it with another mom on the site for an old toy of Jonah's.  So, it cost me ZERO but is worth $50!

And, speaking of Imaginext toys, my boys are at the golden ages of playing with a lot of the same toys.  Jonah is happy to play down a little and Micah has most always played up.  I guess that is due to having an older brother.  Most of Jonah's friends have moved on from the Imaginext toys but he still loves them.  So, I'm capitalizing on that.  That way I can buy them some toys together.  They love playing together and will sit for hours together playing with those.  Jonah is so content to just sit and play with Micah's toys, which I love!  He is so kind to his little brother.

I've always been a firm believer in the whole Toy Rotation idea.  I think kids have so much stuff that they forget what they have and then it doesn't get played with.  And, by only have a few things out at once, it makes them appreciative of the things they have when they resurface.  Micah has 2 bins that we rotate through.  Well, actually he has 3 but by the time I open the next one, it will be down to 2.  When I opened the last one, several toys got put in the give away pile because he has outgrown them.  So, the next bin will be combined with the other one once it gets re-opened.  Anyway, I rotated toys for Micah last Sunday and put 3-4 new birthday toys into this mix.  I'm not kidding, that sweet boy sat for HOURS and played last Monday.  It was all new and exciting to him.  LOVE Toy Rotation.  We even mix books in there so there are "new" books with each new rotation.  

Speaking of books...Jonah is a full-on reader!  It's amazing to watch him devour a book.  We had company from Alabama this weekend and they brought him some books.  One was a non-fiction book on Sea Creatures.  He read it while he was brushing his teeth.  And, his most requested Christmas item...SCIENCE KITS!  (and Subway cards...just like last year!)   We just borrowed a telescope from some friends for him because he wanted one for Christmas but I want to gauge interest before jumping into that purchase.  He is solid proof that a teacher strongly influences her classroom because his teacher is known for a love of science.  She certainly passed that on to Jonah.  

In other news, MS State will be at the Gator Bowl again this year.  I take that as a personal gift from God to Dan. He has such a desire to go to State games but we just live too far.  So, for them to hit the Gator bowl twice in our time here is pretty amazing.  We contemplated taking Jonah.  We really wanted him to have that experience but $65 for a ticket is a big price to pay if he isn't into it.  As of now, we only got two but if our friend ends up with extras, we may cave and do that as a Christmas gift for him.  Which, would be interesting because all of his other gifts combined didn't cost that much.  ha!

Time for me to get busy.  Micah is still snoozing.  I've got Hillsong Radio on Pandora.  The only lights are those on the Christmas tree.  I've got a solid hour to get things done before he wakes up saying "wanna pway?  Lika pway!"  (That's Want to play?  I like to play!)  Dan and I got so tickled this morning talking about him and the various ways he talks about playing.  It is definitely his new go to word anytime we want him to do something.  

"Micah, come eat!"  
"Micah, tell them night-night!"  
"Let's pway!"
"Micah, time for a bath."  
"No..I  pway.  You pway?"
"Good Morning, buddy!"
"Les PWAY!!!!"

So, I have much to do before it is time to PWAY!!!!

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Aja said...

Our yard sale is Friday in case you know of someone who wants the Kangaroo climber before that. $75. It's on sale at TRU for $120 right now. Ours looks like new, never been outside. I already sold Holder's train table to Mr. Eril, but like you I'm online trolling for more stuff! Hoping to clean out toys BIG TIME at the yard sale. Ad's going in PennySaver.


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