Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Not so much a cook!

All of last week, Jonah returned home from school with only one bite taken from his sandwich.  I thought that was odd but he was always in a different part of the house when I unpacked his lunch box so I never asked him why he wasn't eating.  Over the weekend, I said "Jonah, why aren't you eating your sandwich anymore?"  He promptly replied "Well, I don't really like your sandwiches all that much.  I like the ones in the wrapper that are round!"  Yep, before Dan's mom left, she stocked us up on lunchbox supplies to make our life easier while I recovered.  She bought several boxes of Uncrustables.  We used them until they ran out then I started making his sandwich again.  Turns out, he prefers those over real PB&J.  Or, at least the ones I make. 

This morning, I was scrambling his eggs when he walked in and said "I think I'll just have a pop tart!"  I said "No, you are having eggs.  They are your favorite."  He said "Well, they are only my favorite when Mrs. Beth makes them.  Here, pop tarts are my favorite!" 

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Barb said...

That boy! Cracks me up!


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