Friday, December 14, 2012


I've watched with sadness over the years as details unfolded about various shootings around our country.  Some were in schools, some were in movie theaters, some were in malls.  I continued about my day as I watched the news.  I remember very vividly the day the Pearl, MS shootings happened. I was just a few miles away, working at Dr. Ramsey's office.  We watched the news in between patients.  We saw people we knew.  It was sad.  But, I didn't necessarily relate.   

But, today, the news coming out of Connecticut has brought me to my knees.  For the first time ever, the age of the victims is the same as my Jonah.  I envisioned how frightened he would have been.  I imagine how he would process this.  I think about his tender little heart and how he would ever heal from something like this.  All I can do is weep. 

Oh Jesus, come quickly!

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