Saturday, December 29, 2012

In seach of a good Christmas Picture

One day last week, I decided to do a Christmas Morning dress rehearsal. Not for the gifts, but for the pictures! I didn't want the boys to have to wait to open gifts so we could get a good picture. So, we dressed them in their pajamas in hopes of a good picture.

The oldest child and the dog were extremely cooperative.  The youngest...well, not so much!  He wanted to "PWAY!"  (That means play!)

We calmed him down enough to get a few with no tears.  We may or may not have used a sucker to accomplish that. 

The good times didn't last long.  It headed south quickly.  We gave in and decided to just wait until Christmas morning.  (Which, didn't happen because we walked into Micah's room and he had thrown up in bed and his pajamas were put in the washer instead of being worn for Christmas morning!)

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