Sunday, December 16, 2012

2012 Thanksgiving Vacation- The rest of Day 3

A few weeks before our trip, I bought a Thanksgiving cupcake kit from TJ Maxx.  Jonah was excited to help me make the cupcakes.  But, that excitement quickly waned when we got movies from Redbox.  He wanted to watch movies more than he wanted to make cupcakes.  So, that job was left for me.  While I baked, I got to look at this turkey Jonah made.  I was glad we took it with us.  He loved seeing it each day. 
Micah loved the wrap around deck at the cabin.  Anytime a door was open, he took off.  It didn't even bother him that he wasn't wearing pants. 

We got him back inside and dressed the boys in their new favorite pajamas.  Both boys love Spider man so I was excited to find these pajamas in both of their sizes at Target.  They were thrilled!

Because this cabin was not necessarily kid friendly, we took several toys with us.  One of the things we took was Jonah's box of Hot Wheels and the rug Dan's mom bought him several years ago.  I love for a toy to last several years.  This was one of them.  They enjoyed playing with the cars and rug over the week. 

As I said in one of the previous posts from this vacation, Micah loved the stairs.  He giggled every time he went down the stairs.  I loved watching him on those stairs. 

One of the perks of this time away was just the uninterupted family time.  Something about chasing your little guys around a house, tickling them, squealing, climbing in bed together, snuggling, watching movies and just having fun took so much stress away.  It was such a fun time. 
Guess whose pants were a little too big?  Hee hee!
Ahhh...the beauty of a self-timer! My boys think the beep of the timer is hilarious.  So, the smiles are so genuine. 

This photo session turned into a tickle session.  And, then that turned into someone falling off the bed.  Then, there was more laughter.  It was such a fun night. 

While the boys watched the movie, I finished the cupcakes.  They turned out quite cute.  And, they ended up being our only festive part of our Thanksgiving meal. 

Jonah came into the kitchen to get a cupcake but spotted the apples and asked for that instead.  I love that my boys love fruit. 

If you know much about my kids, then you know they are fabulous sleepers.  But, they rarely fall asleep anywhere other than their beds.  So, for Jonah to fall asleep in the chair while watching The Muppets movie, it was crazy to us.  (Thus the excessive photos of him asleep in the chair!)

I was glad he fell asleep because we had another busy day ahead of us.  Stay tuned for our Thanksgiving Day adventures. 

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Aja said...

Holder has those PJs too! I can't wait to see sweet Micah playing on our new stairs!


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