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2012 Thanksgiving Trip- Thanksgiving Day

We got up on Thanksgiving morning and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade while we ate breakfast.  It was hard for our kids to care about the parade when there was so much to do right outside our door.  So, we finally gave up on "enjoying" the parade with them and just let them head outside. 

One of the major selling points of this cabin was the hanging daybed in the corner of the upstairs deck.  This is a bad picture, but doesn't that look relaxing?  We all enjoyed some time on that thing. 

Dan tried to take our picture but the we still don't necessarily know how to use my camera.  (That is my goal for 2013!)

While we were laying on the bed, birds were coming to the feeders for food.  Dan realized there was a cabinet with more food so he and the boys filled all of the feeders. 

While they filled the feeders, I got things ready for our Thanksgiving devotion time.

The boys played for a while more.  They ran.  They rode their riding toys.  They giggled.  They chased each other.  They hid.  They had a great time!

After a while, we all moved to the swinging daybed to have a time of prayer and Thanksgiving in honor of all the day represented.  We used the self timer for a few photos. 

I found a book called "What is Thanksgiving" that Jonah read to all of us. It wasn't my wisest purchase since the book talked a lot about Thanksgiving be filled with lots of family, friends and food.  On that particular Thanksgiving, those things didn't apply. 

Dan read from the Psalms and we all contributed to a list of things we are thankful for.  I jotted them down as they were shouted out.  Some of the things on the list were

Our Home
Toys- since others don't have toys
Mommy- and this guy right here (Pointing to Dan)  We both fell out laughing when Jonah said that!
Our Church
God sending Jesus to die
Steak, Turkey & Cupcakes
fun movies
our neighbors
the Bible

The list goes on but I just gave you the first page.  It was fun to write that out as we all contributed. 

It was a sweet time of giving thanks to God for the many blessings of our lives.  Micah still isn't old enough to fully contribute but he sat there and participated to the best of his ability.  After finishing on the porch, we took a little time to explore the area around our cabin.  We first stopped for a few photos in the leaves. 

Dan found a Daddy Long Legs and introduced it to the boys. 
We packed up some of our cupcakes and delivered them to the neighbors up the hill from us. 

This is the back of the cabin from down the hill where we were playing. 

It is hard to tell but the hill they were on was very steep.  Dan could not let go of their hands or they would have been rolling down that hill. 

Getting them back up the hill was quite the task.  There were quite a few slips and slides. 

The continued to play while I sat on the lower deck swing and admired the beauty of God's creation!
When Louise and her crew visited Murphy back in October, she brought Jonah a bow and arrow from an Indian Reservation.  He was so excited to play with it "in the woods!" 

I had to take this picture because it was hilarious to me.  We went inside to grab a quick lunch and noticed both boys were actually having turkey!  Micah was having turkey baby food and Jonah was having a Turkey lunchable.  Yes, Micah still loves baby food. He would eat it EVERY meal if we would give it to him.  I'm trying to wean him off of it but he refuses to eat any vegetable.  So, if I want him to get veggies, it has to come from this medium.  Dr. Russ once told us it was completely fine because it is pure nutrition and as long as they will eat it, to let them.  So, we do.  It just so happened that it ended up being turkey on Thanksgiving. 
After lunch, we headed out for our daily hike.  We went to a Murphy favorite, The Murphy Riverwalk.  We had a blast!  Jonah comes alive on those trails. 

And, this is the point in our day where things went south.  WAY SOUTH!  The riverwalk has several places you can start.  We knew the next one was fairly close so rather than backtracking to the car, Dan told us to keep walking, he would run back to the car and drive it to the next spot.  Great idea!  Except, there was no next spot within any close proximity.  Oh, and did I mention no cell service either?  Yeah, that!  So, I take off with the boys.  At one point, Micah decided to quit walking.  As in, he sat down and refused to move.  REFUSED!
And, you might also remember that just a couple of months prior, I had major surgery and was not supposed to be carrying him.  Yeah.  Nothing I did could make him move.  He was DONE.  And, Dan was miles away.  About that time, I realized, we were out in the middle of NOWHERE.  I kept checking for a signal but there was none.  I finally convinced Micah to walk.  He would walk a few minutes then sit back down. 

On occasion, he would hold Jonah's hand and walk.  It was about this point that I looked around and realized there were probably tons of snakes and other predators around.  Oh, I also noticed the two men walking near us who were probably about to kill us.  (Yes, I have an overactive imagination!)

We walked, walked and walked.  All the while, I panicked internally and prayed...a lot!  I picked up my phone again to check for a signal and noticed I had two missed calls from Dan.  Granted, they didn't come through but they did show up as missed so that meant I had some sort of signal.  By God's great grace, I tried Dan's cell and even though there was NO signal, a call got through to him.  I was able to tell him I saw train tracks.  He told me to go to them and just start walking.  We did.  The next thing I knew, he drove across a field and found us. 
If you look at the next picture, you will discover Micah standing there.  HE. WOULD. NOT. MOVE!  Dan's timing could not have been more perfect.  Dude was done.  I've never been so happy to see my husband in all my life!  We definitely learned our lesson about venturing out alone in uncharted territory! 
We certainly thanked God for protecting us but gladly got in our car and headed back to our cabin!  Whew!  We had dinner at the cabin and then got busy with our paint.  We had plans to make hand print turkeys so I let Micah play with the paint first to get him used to it. 

While we got busy painting, Jonah took the honors of documenting everything with my camera.  He did pretty good.  I was impressed. 

When it came Jonah's turn, I grabbed the camera so he could make his hand print turkey.  We started painting his hand and he started whining.  Immediately he started saying he was tired and didn't feel good.  I knew it was because he didn't want to quit taking pictures.  So, we told him to quit whining and participate. 

We got ready to put his hand down and we realized we painted the wrong hand.  So, we had to start over.  He whined even more. 

Seriously, look at his face.  He was being quite the little difficult kid.  Nothing made him happy. 

If you can see, his hand print (lower left) looks a little smeared.  Yeah, that is because the moment we put his hand on the paper, he said "Ohhh..." and then up came every thing he had eaten that day.  Nope, he wasn't whining.  He was REALLY sick!  Poor guy had a stomach virus and we didn't know.  When he said his tummy hurt, it really did.  When he said he felt bad, he really did.  

We. Felt. Terrible!  TERRIBLE!  Go back up and look at that picture of his face.  You can see it there.  We missed it though.  Poor thing.  More about his awful night in the next post!  Hope your Thanksgiving was as good as the first part of ours!  :-)

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