Sunday, November 4, 2012

The deadline has been extended!

I'm a big fan of "pretty clothes" for little boys.  I love smocking and appliques.  I love monograms and peter pan collars.   I love those little white Stride Rite shoes and white socks.  I love Jon-Jons, Rompers and Long-Alls.  But, Dan doesn't.  It isn't that he doesn't like it as much as he just thinks it should end at a certain age.  For him, 2 is that age.  I don't necessarily mind that cutoff because once you start potty training, snaps and buttons aren't the most feasible option.    But, as of this Friday, Micah will be 2.  That should mean that the smocking and Jon-Jon's will be over.  Except, the deadline has been extended.  Yep, I convinced ole Danno to let Micah wear "pretty clothes" until Christmas is over.  So, I've bought a few things on Ebay and plan to let Micah dress up for the Christmas season.  Then, it will be just Monograms and Appliques for the next couple of years.  I'll take it though because he could put the kabash on those too!


Aja said...

Yipee! I'm happy for you! I think Christmas is our cut-off too. I might throw Miller in a few smocked things I have in 3T here and there in the spring, but when mine can't match I get bummed so I haven't bought much more. They both have smocked Thanksgiving and Christmas outfits and I'm so excited! That's one good thing about Holder not potty training till 4 ;)

Penny said...

Pretty! :)


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