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Micah's 2nd Birthday Party

Many months ago, Micah developed a love for Elmo.  I knew then that his party had to be an Elmo party.  Then, sometime around my surgery, his love for Elmo morphed into a love/obsession with Abby.  My first inclination was to have an Elmo/Abby party but Abby certainly leans more towards little girls so I nixed that idea.  With each passing day, his love for all the Sesame Street characters grew.  So, I decided to have a full on Sesame Street party. 

I contacted my friend Jenny of Sparrow Stationery and she designed this amazing invitation.  She used photos taken my another friend, Ann of Ann Axon Photography.  At the time, I was still in bed from my surgery and sweet Ann offered to come to my house and take pictures for the invite because she knew I couldn't.  Seriously, she's so kind! 

(and, just so you know, all vendors used for the party are listed at the bottom with links!!)

I loved the details of this party from the beginning.  There is SO much to do for a Sesame Street party.  There comes a point that you just have to let a lot of it go and focus on a little.  My first goal was to create something fun for people to see as they walked to the front door.  I made footprint templates of Big Bird, Elmo and Cookie Monster.  Jonah actually cut all of these out for me and even helped Susan tape them down on the morning of the party. 

I made the balloon wreath back at Jonah's 5th birthday but have adapted it for all of our parties since.  I love using this thing on my front door during birthday months.  It was perfect for this party. 

I wanted games and fun things that 2 year old kiddos could enjoy.  Oscar's Trash Toss was my favorite.  It turned out so cute!
The kids loved the Blowing Bubbles with Big Bird the most.  Bubbles are ALWAYS a hit!  (Note to self:  I should have bought less food and more bubbles!!)
We did a fabulous job of keeping Micah completely away from all decorations.  Dan took him out for the morning and actually covered his head with a blanket as he took him to and from his bedroom.  He totally looked like one of Michael Jackson's kids!  Since he had seen nothing, we were SO excited to walk in with him to see it all.  He was amazed!  He couldn't even speak.  He mainly just smiled and pointed!

He was so happy to see the Big Bird balloon that he gave Big Bird a hug.  Melt. My. Heart.
In order to make Elmo appear a little more real, we bought a goldfish.  We named her Dorothy.  (of course!)  Micah was so impressed with this. 

Shutterfly has these really cool books that use your child's picture through the entire book.  I have one for both of my boys at the same age.  If you have a kid into Sesame Street, you should check this out. 

Notice the cheese cut into letters?  Yeah, pretty cute!

I found these lunch boxes on Clearance at Old Navy.  They made perfect Favor boxes.  I forgot to show Ann what was inside so there isn't a picture of them from her.  But, I remembered to take one with my phone so you can see a poor quality photo at the end.  Loved how they turned out. 

I had extra cupcake toppers so we stuck them around the yard.  Such a small detail but so many people noticed them. 

One part of the party was a dance party.  We called it "Groovin' with Grover!"  One of our students, Moriah, dressed in a Grover shirt and led us in a dance party.  Here is Jonah "doing his moves!"

A couple of nights before the party,  I was short some of the stuffed characters I needed for decorating.  I put a request on Facebook to see if anyone local had some I could borrow.  A friend responded that she had actual costumes from 25 years ago.  I scooped those things up and then had to find someone to wear them.  They were definitely made for small teenagers.  I knew just the family who had three teenagers who might just do it.  I contacted them and they agreed.  I'm so glad because Big Bird, Bert and Ernie were a HIT!  They even joined the conga line during the dance party.

These boys...these boys.  They sure are cute and sweet now.  Those looks right, we are gonna have our hands full.  They are just 7 weeks apart and have spent much of their lives together in the church nursery.  Can you tell they are big buds?

Elisa did another fabulous job on our cake this year.  She always gets so many compliments.  Her cakes taste even better than they look. 

We were at Toys R Us the day before Micah's party.  Jonah spotted an Elmo costume on Clearance for $7.  He said "Can I get this for Micah's party?"  I couldn't believe he wanted to wear an Elmo costume.  Then he said "I'll wear it at the party and take photos with all the children."  LOL!  He's six!  Yet, HE was going to "take photos with all the children."  It was hard to say no.  He put it on right before the gifts.  Honestly, it did look pretty cute. 

Opening presents as a two year old is the most fun time.  They are old enough to open and know what the gifts are but not old enough to say anything embarrassing, be too selfish and they are so sweet with their reactions.  I remember the same thing from Jonah's 2nd birthday party. 

I'm so very grateful to God for the gift of this sweet man!  He fully embraces my crazy party plans.  Hey, he even wears a shirt in cookie monster colors just to go along with the theme.  Every birthday party we have had (8 of them now) has found him wearing a shirt that coordinates with the theme.  He doesn't complain.  (At least out loud!?)  He works so hard to make my party vision a reality.  At 11:30 the night before this party, he was working so hard to help me finish up last minute details.  He even made the "Count with Count" game on his own.  (picture from my iphone at the end)  I feel so blessed to be married to him and I'm so glad he is daddy to these sweet boys of ours. 

The next picture is a great example of God's goodness to us these days.  We are blessed with such a sweet ministerial staff right now.  These guys love each other and work so well together.  There is a sweet spirit among all of us.  We are praying for and anticipating a children's minister to join us soon.   We all look forward to welcoming that family to our group.  I was glad they were all here to celebrate with Micah.  Today, we all get to celebrate with Eli for his first birthday.  There is something special about a group that works together, loves each other, loves each other's kiddos and truly rejoices with and carries burdens for the other. 

One of my greatest blessings in life is the love shared between my two boys.  Jonah was so pleased to wear that Elmo costume for Micah and Micah totally adores Jonah.  (with or without an Elmo costume!)  I never knew having little boys grow up together could be so precious. 

This party was so fun!  Micah LOVED every single moment of it.  He was just in awe of all the decorations.  He could hardly believe all of his Sesame Street pals were there.  He loved every minute.  I did too!  Happy 2nd Birthday, Micah!  You bring unspeakable joy to your mommy!

And, I would be crazy not to mention the MANY people who helped me pull this off.  After my surgery, there was no way I could do all I wanted to do without help.  I can't name names because I'd forget someone but you know who you are.  I'm deeply indebted to you.  You made Micah's party perfect!  Thank you!

Special Mentions:

Photography by Ann Axon Photography
Party Invitation by Jenny Winstead at Sparrow Stationery
Cake by Cakes by Elisa
Sugar Cookies by Margie Wood
Printable Party Package by Amanda's Parties to Go
Elmo Hats by Courtney Hallstrom
Elmo #2 Shirt by Allison of Bellerose House

Now that you have seen all of the wonderful photos taken by Ann, here are a few from my iphone.  It was so crazy here that I didn't even get to show Ann all of the party details.  So, I'm glad I captured a few on my phone...especially the favors!!

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