Saturday, November 24, 2012

Jonah's first school presentation

I'm one of those creative moms...well, at least in theory.  I come up with grand ideas.  But, I'm poor at executing those same ideas.  And, deadlines seem to sneak up on me so that throws me off too!  So, school projects aren't all that exciting.  Well, actually, they are exciting when they arrive in the folder.  I dream big.  I brainstorm ideas with Jonah.  Then, at the last minute, I realize we didn't plan ahead well enough and we scramble for a finished project.  I say all this because project #3 is due next week.  And, we are just now blogging about project #2.  Yes, there was a #1 but that one was left solely to GiGi while she was here and after she worked so diligently with Jonah to complete it, I didn't dare ask her to document the entire process with photos.  I'm nice like that, you see!  ;-)

Anyway, back to this one.  Jonah's teacher does voluntary enrichment projects.  Except, at our parent/teacher conference, she told us that for him, they aren't really voluntary.  He needs to complete them.  He is pretty much on target academically so these "voluntary" things need to be done by him to challenge him.  (and us, apparently!)  The October enrichment project was to choose a scientist, dress up like the scientist and tell facts about yourself.  

Dan and Jonah finally settled on Galileo Galilei.  They went to the library.  They read books.  They watched videos on the Internet.  They Googled him.  They narrowed their facts down.  We grabbed Jonah's Doctor coat and clipboard and transformed it into Galileo's lab coat and scientific clipboard.  We even bought Milky Ways for everyone in the class to help hammer down Galileo's ideas about the Milky Way.  All that was left was to take a few pictures before heading out to school that morning.  

First, I give you the serious scientist look. 

Then, I give you the happy scientist look. 
Next, I give you the "Daddy demonstrating how to glance at your clipboard during your presentation rather than read your clipboard" look. 

Last, I give you the reason Jonah's friends thought his presentation was the best.  They all got candy!

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