Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jonah & Logan's Super Hero Bash

My boys got to attend the most fun birthday party...a Super Hero Bash!  They loved it.  They loved dressing up in their costumes. 

Two moms went together and threw this crazy fun party.  So, we got to celebrate Jonah and Logan!

They made super hero capes, masks and treat bags for every kid there.  SERIOUS WORK!

One of the birthday boys...Captain America Jonah!

Jonah's family were all in character!  So sweet!
Dan spent a chunk of time at the party playing soccer with a lot of the kids.  One of Krystal's boys said to his friend "I didn't know my pastor could play soccer!!!!"

The craziest part of the party was when they tried to get a group picture of the kids wearing their capes.  SHEER PANDEMONIUM people!  All the kids weren't even there yet.  I can't imagine the chaos if they were!  I don't know if you can tell in these pictures, but Jonah just stood there smiling the whole time.  One of the moms said "Look at your son.  Chaos around him and he is trained on the camera!"  Ha.  Years of practice people, years!

Happy Birthday Logan and Jonah!  We had a "SUPER" time celebrating with you!

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