Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Halloween 2012

I'm that mom who wants my boys to coordinate for Halloween.  There are few choices that work for a 6 year old and a 1 year old.  Jonah was determined to be Spiderman.  When I saw this spider costume on Zulily, I quickly ordered it.  It was the perfect match. 

For a few brief moments, they both wore their head pieces.  Jonah's was a terrible design.  He could barely see out of the eyes.  So, he didn't keep it on long.  Micah actually wore his WAY longer than I expected. 

We started the night at our Fall Festival at church.  We planned to stay there for a while then join our neighbors on our street for Trick or Treating.  I saw a tweet that day that said something to the effect of "Why are so many Christians against Trick or Treating.  It is the ONE day a year that the world comes to YOUR home.  Be Jesus to them.  Love them.  SHINE BRIGHTLY!"  That summed up our feelings about Halloween so well.  We don't focus on the dark.  We don't focus on the negative.  We focus on a fun day with our kids and neighbors.

I was so incredibly blessed to have Lexie with me all day on Halloween.  She was at the house with me and Micah and then helped me get both boys ready and to the church.  Then, as if that wasn't enough, she helped take care of them the entire time we were there.  The Glenn family is certainly blessed by the whole Braswell family.  We are certainly reminded of that on days like this. 

After some time at the Fall Festival, we headed home to go out with our neighbors.  My sweet hubby was such a trooper and wore a Spiderman shirt so he could match the boys. 

I made it to about 7 houses with them and I crashed.  I had to walk back home and lay down.  I stayed there for about an hour while they walked the neighborhood.  I followed them on my phone via Find My Friends and met back up with them when the were two doors down.  Dan said Micah walked every single step of the way.  He loved it.  It's hard to believe my sweet boy is old enough to walk a couple of miles Trick or Treating.  But, he is and he loved it.  And, I'm loving this life of mine with this sweet family God has given me. 


Penny said...

Now, this is coming from a confirmed spider hater.... Micah looks adorable! Lol. Too cute! :)

Alexandria Wells said...

I especially like the one of us struggling to get Micah out of the spider suit!


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