Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stanley Farm Adventure

Like most moms, I LOVE pumpkin patch time.  Jonah has been every year except when he was just a few months old.  Micah got to go for the second time this year.  We looked up several online and found the one that seemed to have the most to offer both boys.  I love the 4 year age gap that we have but a few things make that a little difficult. 
We picked Jonah up from school and headed straight there.  And, while on the subject of school, if I had one ounce of ability to teach, I would home school my kids just for the freedom and flexibility it provides.  I adore time with those little guys.  Anyway, we got the patch and then had to figure out which package to get.  There were so many things available to do.  Fortunately, they had a little playground set up for the kiddos while the parents deciphered what to do. 

We ended up doing the cheapest tickets.  It was $10 for each boy but the parents got to do everything for free.  And, would you believe the thing they liked most was the one free thing...THE JUMP PILLOW. 

As you can see, the place is basically empty.  We had friends go the next day and say they couldn't move because of the crowds.  We almost had the entire place to ourselves.  Thank you, Friday!

One of the tickets the boys had was to ride a horse.  Jonah was adamantly against it.  Micah was all for it.  Until they put him on the horse.  Then he joined Jonah in the idea of the horse being a no-go!

We moved on to one of the tractor rides around the farm.  It took us back to see the honey bees. 

I opted to skip the next ride because it was super bouncy.  This was my first real outing since my surgery so I certainly did not plan to risk it on a silly ride.  The boys did seem to enjoy it though. 

We got on the hayride next.  There was a lady super upset that there was no actual hay.  When I say upset, I mean UPSET!  She talked about it for the entire ride.  She yelled at the owner as we passed by him.  They tried to explain that some people have a problem with the hay and allergies.  That didn't satisfy her.  I was a nervous wreck by the time it ended.  Dan and I could not look at each other for fear of busting out laughing.  Wowzers!

Our next stop was to see the pumpkins.  This was my favorite part but their least favorite.  The did not want to stop for pictures.  I, of course, wanted pictures.  The did give me a few...very quickly. 

Please not the airborne pumpkin in the next picture.  Pumpkins + Micah = a bad combination. 

The hit of the day was the tennis ball launcher.  My, oh my!  Both boys loved this.  They each got 5 tickets for 5 times.  They would have been fine to spend every single moment at the patch doing that. 

It used a high powered air compressor to shoot a tennis ball out into a target in the middle of the lake.  Micah belly laughed every time it shot the ball.  Like, REALLY laughed.  Then, of course, we all laughed.  The guy gave us extra tickets just to hear Micah laugh more.

This video shows a little of the laughter.  But, as usual, nothing ever gets captured on video as great as it really is. 

When it was time to go, we asked bribed convinced Jonah to try to ride the horse.  He reluctantly agreed.  He was totally freaked out but was so proud of himself after it was over. 

We promised them they could jump on the jump pillow again before we left.  They both loved this thing.  Well, until Micah got off and started eating the fence.  That is when we knew it was time to leave.  You know, because it was past dinner time and all.  When your kid starts eating the fixtures, it is definitely time to leave. 

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