Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sesame Street Live

A few weeks ago, we had tickets to see Sesame Street Live.  We took Jonah to this same show when he was Micah's age and in the thick of this Elmo obsession.  We originally planned to just get tickets for Micah but Dan thought Jonah would enjoy it and also needed to be part of something that isn't all about him.  So, for weeks we talked about how this was a really big deal for Micah and he needed to be happy for him and help him enjoy it. 

I wanted to take a few pictures of them together before heading out.  The youngest Glenn child was much more interested in being a wild man than taking photos.  You can see the blurriness of Abby and Elmo to see all the movement going on.  Notice Jonah in the next pictures.   He just kept smiling and facing the camera as best he could. 

We finally gave up and decided to hit the road.  We left way early in order to account for traffic.  And, this was my first real trip anywhere so we needed a little extra time. 

Jonah read all the way to the Bob Carr Theater.  It takes about 40 minutes from our house.  He was deep into his Magic Treehouse book.  So deep, in fact, that when we got there, he was just one chapter away from finishing the book he started on the way down that he begged to stay at the car and finish before going inside.  Yep, folks, I think we have a reader!

While Jonah finished reading, I took a few pictures of the Sesame Street obsessed toddler who lives with us.  Oh, that boy!  I'm so totally smitten with him.  He is the sweetest yet, busiest little guy I've ever known.  He melts my heart with his tender little heart.  And, he loves, loves, L-O-V-E-S Sesame Street. 

Jonah is completely unaware of the activity around him because he is engrossed in this book. 

Jonah finished that book while Dan and Micah walked on towards the theater.  We met up with them outside to take a few pictures. 

We talked for weeks to Jonah about how Micah would get a souvenir from the show because that was what he was into.  Jonah was totally okay with that and was super sweet about helping Micah pick out what he most wanted. 

By the time the Elmo toy was picked, I was spent!  As I said earlier, this was my first real outing and up until then, I spent about 21 of 24 hours each day in the bed.  I quickly needed to find my seat so off we went even though the show still had 30 minutes until it started.  We found our seats while Dan went to get us drinks. 

This little guy was AMAZED.  He seriously had the time of his life.  He giggled.  He clapped.  He gasped.  He squealed.  He thoroughly enjoyed himself.  
And, his big brother, well, so did he!  He kept saying "this is really good!  I'm glad I got to come!"  He loved watching Micah and seeing him enjoy himself. 

During Intermission, Dan took the boys on a walk while I stayed put.  I certainly knew my limits.  I was grateful just to be there with them and didn't want to push it. 

There was still time to spare after they got back so Jonah asked for the book he put in purse.  Yep, that little reader rabbit started a second book while sitting in the theater.  And, believe it or not, he finished it in the car on the way home.  That made TWO chapter books he read that night. 

If I had to sum it up, I'd say this was a pretty fabulous night.  Both of our boys had a great time and we loved sharing it with them.  It was a great indication of just how much Micah is going to love his birthday party in a few weeks.  Can't wait for the big Sesame Street bash!

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Jenn said...

I cannot wait until we can take our baby girl to Sesame Street live, but I figured 2 would be a good age, would you agree. I cannot wait until you post pictures of Micah's birthday party


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