Sunday, October 28, 2012


The boys wore their first long sleeve shirts today.  I wanted to take a few pictures before church.  I started in our bedroom with Jonah.  This is what I got.
Ugh!  So, I moved outside where the flash wouldn't be an issue.  Except, there was still an issue.  In the last few weeks, Jonah has decided to blink in MOST. EVERY. PICTURE!!!
Micah, on the other hand, was super smiley and super cute.  Some of these could have been good pictures if Mr. CloseMyEyes would cooperate!

Ahhh...we finally got open eyes but Micah looked away!!  I'm already envisioning the Christmas card we will send this year.  I'm thinking it will be a nice shot of them walking with us behind them.  That, or we will just tape Jonah's eyes open!  :-)
He looks scared but his eyes are open.  I'll take it.  It isn't a framer but I'll take it. 
These were supposed to be the "HUG" pictures.  I think Micah thought I said "DRUG" because he looks drugged.  hee hee

Oh well, there is always next Sunday!

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Barb said...

I unfortunately have the same problem. Tell Jonah to close his eyes while you count and open them when you say "three". Then snap the picture. It's worked for me :)


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