Friday, October 5, 2012

Missing the entire month

By nature, I'm a fairly organized individual.  I need order or I feel out of control.  People sometimes mistakenly think I'm a clean freak.  I'm not!  I just don't have a lot of clutter around.  I could go a year without dusting my house and probably not be bothered but a few things out of place sends me over the edge.  

I'm even this way with my computer.  All of my photos are uploaded into Iphoto by date.  Each month has a folder.  As I blog photos from certain dates, I move that entire folder into the corresponding month.  Once it is there, it has been blogged and is ready for upload to an outside photo sharing site for further  backup.  For the first time in Jonah's life, I noticed something very different the other day.  I went an entire month (September) without taking a single photo with my camera!!!  

There isn't one photo or folder dealing with September of 2012.  I took several with my iPhone because that was handy.  But, since I spent the entire month in bed, there were no photos from my camera.  That is very odd for the girl who averages 600 photos a month in each of those folders.  

Once I discovered this, I pulled my Nikon out and put it in a visible location.  This momma needs some pictures of her boys in October!!

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