Friday, October 5, 2012

Jonah's First Bee Sting

Yesterday was the Walkathon at Jonah's school.  Dan volunteered to help since I couldn't be there.  I got this video from him a couple of hours after he left the house.  

Yep, right in the middle of the event, Jonah got stung by a bee.  If you know Jonah, he takes things like this very serious.  We are about 21 hours removed from the bee sting and it is still a very popular topic for conversation.  These are actual things he has said today.

  • This will be the first shower I've had since I got stung by that bee.
  • Micah, when you are outside, you have to watch for bees.
  • Mrs. Beth, what kind of pizza is that?  Wait, did you know I got stung by a bee?
  • This is the chair I sat in after that bee stung me.  
  • I rode home with Megan's mom yesterday so I haven't been in our car since I got stung by a bee.  
  • I'm wearing a different kind of pajamas tonight since this is a different day from when the bee stung me.
  • Has Max ever been stung by a bee?  I have.  It happened yesterday.
  • I'm not going back to do the walkathon since there were bees there and I got stung.
  • Did you tell Jimmy I got stung by a bee?  
At the rate he is going, this bee sting is going to cause him to need therapy.  Or, maybe me!


Barb said...

Poor Jonah! That bee sting was apparently traumatic.

Penny said...

So dramatic. lol But those things really do hurt! :(

4 J's said...

I just thought my girls were that dramatic! That is great! He is getting so grown sounding.

And it has been 3 years since Jordyn got her first sting and she still talks about it....


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