Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jonah:  Mommy, I need to know about sandstorms.

Me:  What?

Jonah:  Well, at school today, I learned about sandstorms.  There is one that was beside our state and has now moved to a different state and I did not know anything about it.  Can you pull up a picture on the Internet to show it to me.

I googled sand storms in Florida and tried to find what he was talking about.  There wasn't anything there.  Then, it hit me that the hurricane threatening right now is Sandy and she was on our coast then is now threatening the North East instead.

Me:  Jonah, I think you are confused.  There is a hurricane named Sandy so what you probably heard was about the Sandy storm.

Jonah:  Now I know why people get confused at school.  I never knew until today because everything has always made sense.  This did not make sense!


Cathi said...

Love how Jonah's mind works! I pray Colton has his type of thinking as he grows.

Cristi said...

I did see on the news this morning that the storm brought sand all across the interstate and was making drving there more difficult. So there you go. :)


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