Sunday, October 7, 2012

Furniture Changes...

Last night, I put Jonah's nursery furniture on Craigslist.  We bought the furniture thinking it would last him a while because it was a convertible crib.  We didn't take into account that after some time, it would still look baby-ish.  We didn't make the same mistake with Micah's furniture.  His is also a convertible set but the changing table, chest and even crib looks much more grown up.  I think his will be able to grow with him through his teenage years.  

I remember the excitement of getting this furniture home and in place.  His nursery in Vidalia was one of my favorite places.  It was bright and cheery.  He loved it in there.  So did we.  But, that furniture just hasn't fit here.  So, the time has come to sell it.  He is excited about getting new furniture.  I'm even okay with saying goodbye and welcoming some big boy furniture to go with the 6 year old big boy that lives here!

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