Saturday, October 13, 2012


I've been on Craigslist tonight looking for one of these.

Yep, I've been looking at tents and camping stuff.  Me!  ME!!!!  What's up with that?  Who am I?  Honestly, for quite some time, I've been telling Dan I wanted to take the boys camping.  Then, last weekend, Josh and Amanda took Eli.  Each picture I saw made me more and more excited about taking our boys one day.  

Granted, we know nothing about camping.  N-O-T-H-I-N-G!  Our neighbors are quite outdoorsy so I'm pretty sure we could convince them to go with us.  Jonah would love that because Jaxon would be there to play.  I would love that because Ray knows a lot about camping.  He actually takes a couple of weeks of vacation each year and backpacks the Appalachian Trail.  He is serious about it.  (As a side note, I find it interesting that I'm blogging about Ray camping with us and I've never mentioned it to him!)

I guess this is one of those things that prove the old adage true about having kids makes you do crazy things!  CRAZY!

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