Monday, October 29, 2012

A sleeper? Yes! An eater? Not so much!

Anyone who reads our blog, knows us in real life, follows me on Facebook or twitter, or knows anything about my kids can say one thing for certain.  THEY. ARE. SLEEPERS.  We worked very hard on this.  I read a news article soon before Jonah was born that scared me to death about co-sleeping.  Because of that article, they never slept one single moment in our bed.  It was a huge discipline for us.  But, we committed to it months before Jonah was born.  We told each other that we would have to be strong because the easy thing would be to let them sleep there.  So, we pushed through and fought against the overwhelming urges.  We taught them early on to sleep in their bassinet and then in their crib.  We read some books and were very discipline and determined about teaching (training) them to sleep.  And, they both did.  Micah still takes two naps a day sometimes.  And, he always sleeps 12 hours at night.  Seriously, he is a ROCK STAR when it comes to sleep.

Somewhere, though, it my quest for the perfect sleeper, I did NOTHING to prepare for a perfect eater.  I'm 0-2 on eaters.  Although, now at age 6, Jonah does much better.  But,, oh man!  He will eat Stage 2 baby food all the live long day.  (Yeah, that is for a 6-12 month old!?!?)  Just don't give him real peas, or squash, or any other vegetable.  He will spit it out.  How on earth the kid will guzzled down 5-6 packs of baby food in a sitting at almost age 2 but won't touch a real vegetable BLOWS MY MIND.  And, he doesn't just eat the good baby food, he eats it ALL.  You know, the gross kinds like Harvest Vegetables and the Pear/Broccoli/Pea combo.  Yeah, sickening.  But, not to him.  He thinks a cooked carrot is gross.  He throws green beans to the ground.  It's bad y'all.  B-A-D.

But, his pediatrician says not to worry.  Actually, all the doctors in his group say him still eating baby food is great because it is pure nutrition.  They say that he is getting more nutrition than most kids who eat a plate with a few bites of veggies because he is eating 4-6 at each sitting.  But, I have a fear of his friends making fun of him when he sucks down his baby food right before he runs onto the field for his final football game of his senior year.  I'm envisioning his nickname being "Puree!"

He loves fruit and will eat any fruit.  When you give him an apple, don't you dare cut it up.  Give him the whole thing.  Then, stand back and watch him eat the whole thing...core included.  He can eat a pint of blueberries in one sitting.  Raspberries and strawberries make him very happy.  A banana is a daily thing.  Just don't give him a vegetable of any kind.  Or, a potato for that fact.  Unless it is covered in ketchup.  In that case, he licks the ketchup off and dips the potato again, all the while never actually biting into the potato.  It is a real skill for him. 

So, tonight, I had enough.  I determined he would eat our dinner.  Or, at least the potatoes and carrots from the dinner.  I hyped it up.  I cheered for him.  I made a big deal.  He turned his head and said "No...Top!  (stop)"  I tried again.  He knocked my fork to the ground.  I called in the big guns.  "DAN...Come make him eat this!"  Dan came.  We told Micah that was ALL he was getting for dinner.  Jonah "mmmm'd" with every bite he took.  Micah was unimpressed. 

So, Dan squeezed his cheeks a little and gave him a bite of potato about the size of an english pea.  Micah gagged.  Micah threw up.  EVERYWHERE!

Micah won!  

He then enjoyed a nice dinner of raisins, cheez-its, a banana and then little Puree had some baby food.  Because, apparently he is the boss of this house...not us!

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