Sunday, September 2, 2012

VBS 2012

Now that Summer is over, I feel compelled to finish this post that has been in my draft folder for almost two months.  VBS!  Ahhh...VBS!  It was a great week.  Jonah loved it.  He was the perfect age to really get and enjoy all that VBS offers.  Micah did ok all week but could have definitely done without a whole week away from his mama!

Micah and the other kiddos from the nursery/preschool area came into the worship service each morning.  This was his first time to be in the sanctuary or to see his daddy on stage.  He did great but couldn't quite figure out what his daddy was doing.  

This is one of my favorite pictures from the week.  Micah and Miller were totally engaged in the morning worship rally.  Who says toddlers are too young to gain anything spiritually?  I know these little hearts were pierced with the truth of God's love that week.  

This was the day that I realized he was D.O.N.E.  My typically happy child would burst into tears the moment he saw me.

I took this series of pictures when Micah spotted Dan across the way.  I put him down and he took off running to his daddy.  

After a long and crazy week, we went home for a few hours of rest then went right back to the church for our closing celebration.  Rylan Carlos rode with us because his parents had another commitment and wouldn't get there until the very last minute.  
Here we all are with our various VBS shirts.  (Blue was for church staff, green was photography team, red was for elementary school, white was for nursery)

I see pictures like this next one and my heart almost explodes.  I so love these little boys.  I believe God has really big things in store for their lives.  

Micah and Miller sat on the front row and enjoyed every minute of the closing celebration.  

Since we are a couple months removed from VBS, I can't remember the totals, but there was a goal for our mission offering that was met and exceeded.  As a result, the kids got to silly string Emi and Dan.  

This was my favorite week of VBS yet.  It is an exhausting but oh so rewarding week.  Loved it!

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