Sunday, September 23, 2012

The big outing

Last night, as Dan was dozing off, I said "can we go to lunch tomorrow?"  He quickly said he didn't think it was a good idea.  Then I turned on full whine mode and told him I was going stir crazy and needed to be in the real world for a little while.  I assured him he could pick me up after church and we could eat somewhere close to home and I would be fine.  He was skeptical but I convinced him it was a good plan.  

They got home from church about 12:30 and I was dressed (somewhat sloppily) and waiting.  I took a pain pill in advance.  My doctor has advised this for when I visit her each week and anytime I leave the house.  We enjoyed a quiet lunch at Mulligans- the restaurant at the local golf club.  We walked in to see a couple of tables of church members.  It was nice to visit with them for a few minutes.  

Dan needed to stop at Lowes for a garden hose so I was going to stay in the car with the boys while ran in.  But, I convinced him of several things we needed at Target so we went there first.  He let me and Jonah out at the front door and I went directly to the things on my list.  I filled my cart with 10 or so things.  Jonah got sidetracked at the pumpkin carving kits so we stopped there for a while to look.  Dan and Micah found us there.  Since Micah was already buckled into the cart, I just moved my purse over there.  It wasn't until I got to the front to check out that I realized all the things I needed were still in the back in that cart.  Dan and Micah had already gone to get the car and I definitely didn't have the energy to walk to the back so we left Target with none of the things I shopped for or needed.  

But, I did manage to get a picture of Jonah in this hilarious mask.  

While we were there, Jonah used some of his money from Jimmy and Cathy to get get two books.  He got a new Magic Tree house book that was on Clearance and a Batman book.  He was quite happy!

We made a quick stop at Lowes and now I'm back in bed.  Those couple of hours wore me out but it was so nice to get out.  I even put on makeup.  At one point during lunch, Jonah said "Mommy, do you remember when we used to do fun things together?"  Dan assured him that day would come again.  I can hardly wait!

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