Thursday, September 27, 2012

One Month Post Surgery

I just returned from my weekly visit with my surgeon.  My surgery was one month ago toady.  I was so hopeful this would be the week she would graduate me from weekly visits to biweekly.  But, that didn't happen.  I still have to see her on a weekly basis for the unforeseeable future.  At least I like her!  Dan still has to take off work to drive me since I can't drive yet.  I'm just grateful we are only going over to Port Orange and not into Orlando each time.  

She said I'm healing great and she could see a major difference between this week and last.  But, she also limited me to lifting nothing over a pound.  No more gallons of milk.  No more carrying a purse.  No more clothes from the dryer to the bed.  Ugh!  Do you know how many things weigh more than a pound?  Yeah, pretty much everything!  She reiterated the zero housework/zero cooking/zero lifting point.  It's odd because I actually am beginning to feel completely normal again but I just can't do anything.  

She has certainly "scared" me away from pushing it.  This surgery only has a 65% success rate when you do everything perfect.  I'm not gonna chance it just to load the dishwasher or cook a meal.  How noble of me, huh?  HA!  Honestly, I long for the normalcy again.  I'd love to step into my kitchen and whip up a meal for my family.  I would give most anything to pick my baby boy up out of his bed and just hold him close.  Seriously, it has been a solid month since I've picked Micah up and held him.  But, I know this recovery has to happen so that I can do a lot of picking up/snuggling/cleaning/cooking in the future.  It seems like a slow process but it will be worth it for a 100% recovery.  

So, we wait.  I still have to have someone with me in order to care for Micah.  I can't be alone with him unless he is asleep.  He handles that really well when he can't see me.  But, when he spots me, the whining starts for his "Moooommmmy!"  I'm still utilizing drivers because I can't drive until I'm completely off pain meds.  But, I have to take one if I'm out and about.  So, it is kind of a catch 22.  I don't take them at all if I'm home all day long.  We've been blessed with such wonderful meals, fabulous care for our kiddos, transportation, cleaning help and prayers.  We certainly feel the love!

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