Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Can you tell me how to get..."

I am now on my 25th day of "taking it easy" and "laying low" and "bed rest."  I've watched more TV in the last three weeks than I have the last three years combined.  I haven't felt much like talking on the phone so my main mode of communication has been text and email.  I've listened to podcasts, done my own personal Bible Study and watched church on TV.  I've blogged (a little) but have managed to read lots of blogs.  I've caught up on the news.  I'm OFFICIALLY BORED!

So, I've diverted my attention to a cause near and dear to my heart.  A BIRTHDAY PARTY!  if you know me, you know I love a good party.  I love the planning and executing.  I love the little details.  I love the big details.  I just love a party.  In less than two months, Micah will turn 2 years old.  For months, I have planned an Elmo party.  I've researched, pinned, planned and been excited about a full on ELMO BASH!  Which, would be perfect, except for Micah's new found love of Abby!

Yes, little Abby Cadabby has stolen his heart.  He loves her.  She and Elmo are friends and Elmo still takes top spot with Micah but Abby is a BIG part of his day.  Each morning, he goes through his routine of asking where everyone is.  

"Daddy?"  I tell him "Daddy is at work."  
"Nonah?"  I tell him "Jonah is at school."
"Dax?"  I point to Max.
"Elmo?"  There is usually an Elmo of some sort within our line of vision so I point him out.
"Abby?"  "Abby's on TV or in your book!" I say.  

Then, numerous times throughout our day, we talk about Abby.  He loves her so much that some of the people who have been here to help me have picked up on it.  One told me she searched all of Target last week for an Abby toy for him.  I had done the same but could not find one.  

Because of this new found love of Abby, I second guessed my birthday idea.  I know he loves Elmo so that wouldn't be bad thing but I wanted to add Abby in.  But, as you can see, Abby is purple and pink.  Abby is VERY much a girl theme.  So, in order to incorporate Abby into the birthday theme, we are switching gears from an Elmo party to a full on Sesame Street party.  That actually works great because  he also loves "Unnnie, Butt and Tooky"  (That's Ernie, Bert and Cookie Monster!!)

I ordered his invites today and now I will spend the next few days working on other details.  There are so many cute ideas.  I can hardly wait.  I can only imagine his face as he walks into the house that morning.  He literally shakes with excitement when he sees something new.  And, when he wakes up today, he will have a new surprise.  We found a little Abby doll for him.  Maybe I'll have the video ready just so you can see how much he loves her.  


Rob H said...

I have successfully trained Maggie when asked "What does Ernie say?" to answer "Hey Bert!"

I am the greatest father ever.

Jenn said...

You are so talented, can you come to Pearl, MS and help me with my baby's 1st birthday, I am having huge anxiety over it, to ensure it's perfect, birthday party's mean so much to me, have fun planning Micah's party, I know it will be fabulous


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