Saturday, September 29, 2012

A shift in perspective

Today is one of those days that would be easy for me to be sad.  I found out just a few days ago that Dan would be gone from 9-9 today.  On any given Saturday, that isn't fun but especially on a Saturday since my surgery.  If Dan isn't here, then that means my boys aren't here.  We had to quickly scramble to find care for them for the whole day.  A family in our church graciously volunteered to have them for the day.  They have two teenage boys who love my little boys and my little boys think they are great!

About an hour after they left, I found myself really sad.  It is a beautiful day outside but I'm inside...without the people I love most.  I'm tired of TV.  I'm tired of the Internet.  I'm tired of magazines.  I'm tired of books.  Then, I got a text from two different church members telling me how great things were going at the church.  Today was a big day at Stetson and hearing that made my heart happy.  Then, a few minutes later, Byron sent a text to say they were heading to a playground with the boys.  It happens to be their favorite playground.  In a matter of minutes, I went from sad to sheer joy.  Joy that Dan is doing what he loves and God is working in him and in our church.  Joy that my boys are having a super fun day with friends who love them.  Joy that Pandora is playing a little David Crowder Band as I pull out my Bible, journals and Paul study.  

And, if that wasn't enough, a friend sent a text offering to drop by food from Cracker Barrel and another offered to drop by and get me for lunch.  So, I'm leaving this place for a little bit to soak in some of the sunshine and JOY of being with a dear friend!

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Audra Laney said...

What excellent perspective. Go you for looking at the situation in such a positive light! What an example!


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