Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2012 MS/LA Trip- Day Seven

I just realized that I posted the last day of our trip and not the next to last day.  Oops!  

Our next to last day in MS was spent with Dan's family.  We fed the boys, took a few pictures and then headed to Dan's mom's house for a fun day.  

Any time we take pictures, Jonah always asks to take a picture of us.  We delete most of them but he actually did pretty good on this one.  It tends to help when we are eye level with him.  Otherwise, there end up being some pretty unflattering angles.  
The first thing Jonah did at Debbie's house was go for the stacking cups.  He loves those things.  He plays with them for the longest time.  Unfortunately, the little brother kept getting into them too.  That did not make for a happy 6 year old.  
Jonah's great grandmother, Granny Bee. along with Uncle Glenn and Aunt Susan, came in from Memphis to see all of us.  We were so thrilled to see them and it meant so much that they made that long trip to see us.  We really want to go to Memphis to see them at some point.  Granny Bee had Jonah's birthday gift.  

We attempted to take a 4 Generation picture but Micah was eating so we just pulled him over in the high chair.  Looking at these pictures now make me wish we would have taken him out and let them hold him for the pictures.  Oh well...hindsight!

Uncle Glenn rarely makes it into pictures because he is usually the one taking the pictures.  I was able to snag a few pictures of him throughout the day.  Dan has a special place in his heart for Uncle Glenn because he was a father figure for him growing up.  He and Aunt Susan did a lot for Dan and his family after his dad left.  

Not long after we arrived, Darla and her family got there.  If you remember, Rachel was born just three days after Micah.  They had a lot of fun together.  

And, of course, Jonah and Gavin played well together.  They are three months apart.  They always have fun playing.  

Aunt Susan tried to get the attention of the littles but they were TOO busy.  UNTIL she pulled out her Iphone with Elmo videos.  Then, they were captivated.  

They moved from the small Iphone screen to the larger Ipad screen.  Yep, still captivated!
When Dan was growing up, he and his mom spent hours each day playing a game called Bonkers.  Now that Jonah is into board games, he has talked about that a lot.  So, he was so excited when Debbie pulled the same game out for them all to play at her house.  Great childhood memories now shared with his own little boy.  

The boys moved from Bonkers to a wild game of Pictionary. 

See this fruit pizza?  It lasted for about 8 minutes.  It was GONE.  Really wishing I had a piece right now.  

Here is GiGi with four of her 7 grandkids. One of them has no pants.  That's my kid!

Micah and Rachel had a large time with a stool and a chair.  Entertained them for a really long time.  

The kids seemed to be going a little stir crazy inside so they headed to the backyard with bubbles.  What kid doesn't like bubbles?  

We left Dan's mom and made a stop in Clinton.  That is where Dan grew up and where I went to college.  Jonah wanted to see the house he lived in, where he asked Jesus into his heart, where he broke his arm and where I went to school.  So, we took a little tour.  We started at the house Dan grew up in until his dad left.  He has such happy memories in this house.  It was fun to hear him and Jonah talk about them.  

The very street is where Dan was riding his bike, felt Jesus tugging on his heart, turned his bike around and asked Jesus into his heart.  He and Jonah walked down the street talking about this while I followed with Micah in the car.  

This is the spot.  This is the very spot where Dan realized his need for a savior.  What a beautiful picture of him telling his little boy all about the experience.  

We left there and drove the campus of Mississippi College.  Some of my favorite memories happened on that campus.  Some of my best friends to this day are a result of my time there.  So, obviously, I enjoyed Jonah seeing the campus.  
Our final stop was at the now empty field that used to be Dan's elementary school.  They have since built a new school but he was still able to walk Jonah down to the place where he broke his arm in the first grade.  Jonah was horrified about the mean teacher that was ugly to Dan.  And, from what I've heard, so was his mom on the day it happened.  She wasn't nice to him even though his bone was sticking out of his skin.  
That concluded our stroll down memory lane with Jonah.  We both enjoyed sharing our lives with Jonah but he especially enjoyed it.  He has since asked so many questions and talked about all he saw.  We are already thinking of other sights to show him when we go home again.  

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Barb said...

Someday you need to bring your boys for a memory lane trip to SWBTS, preferably before I leave TX. :)


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