Monday, September 3, 2012

2012 MS/LA Trip- Day Eight

We woke up on the morning of our trip home and were all a little excited about getting home but sad about saying goodbye to our friends an family.  After we were all dressed, I realized we all had on white shirts and Jonah and I had almost exact matching colored shorts.  We looked like "that family!"

While we were getting dressed, I got a text from Southwest that our flight was already delayed.  Fortunately, Denise had some spare time that morning so we got to hang out with them a little longer.  We started with a yummy lunch at of the top stops in the Jackson area.  Nothing like a yummy Greek lunch to send you on your way.  

After we left lunch, we made a stop at Bass Pro Shop so the boys could run off some energy and have a little fun.  That was a great place for me because I had no room in our luggage and that place left nothing for me to desire.  :-)

The boys loved all the fish, animals and the shooting range.  It was a great place for little guys.  

Taylor was the flower girl in our wedding.  She was just four years old then.  Now, she is all grown up and a soccer player in college.  We kept joking about how tall she is.  So, she ducked down in her first picture with Dan.  

It was finally time to say goodbye.  We were sad to say bye but happy to go home.  

One last picture with my dear friend who made this whole trip possible for us.  She and Darryl were members of the first church where I served at youth minister.  They took me in way back then and have loved me and done so much for us over the years.  What a gift they are to us!
We were still fairly early so the boys had time to just run and play in the airport.  

The flight home was not as crowded as the flight to Mississippi so Dan and Micah sat on one side while Jonah and I sat on the other.  (At least for the first part of the trip.  Then, Micah wanted his mommy!)

After a fairly easy flight, we were finally back in Orlando.  Dan and Micah jumped on the shuttle to go get our car while Jonah and I went to baggage to grab our luggage.  I love having a kid old enough to help carry things.  Sometimes I find it so odd that he is big enough to be a "kid" and not a baby but he is.  It is becoming more and more fun to hang out with him.  He's such a great kid!

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