Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Tonight, as I was giving Jonah his bath, I took the time to talk to him about school.  Our conversation went something like this.

Me:  Jonah, I'm afraid you are going to have a hard time when school starts back.  You seem very unfocused and I have to tell you the same thing several times before you actually do what I ask of you.  

Jonah:  Mommy, does several always mean three or could it mean more?

Me:  Are you listening to me?  Not focusing is what got you in trouble over and over last year.  I feel like you aren't even trying to focus.  Do you understand?

Jonah:  Yes ma'am.  

Me:  I need you to understand that if your teacher tells us that you didn't focus at school and that caused you not to get your work done, then when you get home, there will be no TV, no Wii, no computer or no DS.  Okay?

Jonah:  No, that is not okay.  I do not like that idea.  

Me:  Then I suggest you focus.  

Jonah:  Is it a suggestion or a rule?  Because a rule I have to do but a suggestion is like an idea, right?

Me:  It is 9:12 p.m.  I'm spent.  We will have this discussion tomorrow.

Jonah:  I'll remind you so we can finish this discussion.  I need to know what will happen.  


Barb said...

You're gonna have your hands full with that boy. He's too bright! I hope he has a great year at school.

Penny said...

LOL~ when we're praying for our babies to be smart, we should ask that he keep it right below ours. That boy's going to make a fine lawyer or preacher one day! ;)


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