Monday, August 20, 2012

Jonah's first day of FIRST GRADE!

Before going to bed last night, we had everything ready for this morning.  I knew we would be in a bit of a mad dash to get out of the door.  We even looked at his frame with last year's picture.  Jonah even noticed how much he changed since then.  

We are trying a new bedtime routine for him this year.  We plan for him to be in his bed by 7:00 p.m.  He can read on his own until 7:30.  Then, we go in to do his devotion, another story and prayers with him.  This worked great last night.  We will probably have to tweak the times a bit because he my boys love sleep.  I don't know that he will get enough this way.  We'll see.  

 His breakfast this morning was a cinnamon roll, strawberries and sausage.  He ate every single bite of it.  I should have added eggs but he never would have gotten out of the house.  

 Ms. Louise came over to stay with Micah but she thrilled Jonah when she walked in with Mr. Bill's donuts.  He is already excited about having one for a snack today.  

 Because I love comparison photos, you just have to see the difference in Jonah from last year to this year.  

 And, just look at the comparison of my boys from last year to this year.  

 Micah is normally asleep at this time of day so he was a bit zoned out for the first twenty minutes or so that he was awake.  And, Jonah's mastering the art of the fake smile lately.  Check this winner out!

 We stood on the stage with Jonah for a while then realized it was getting more and more crowded.  So, we stepped off the stage and just stood around.  We saw Carolyn walking up with Rylan.  She wanted a shot of the two boys together so she went to get him.  As she walked towards me, she mouthed "he is crying!"  I looked at him and he was definitely crying.  He thought we left without saying goodbye.  It took quite a bit of reassuring him to get him to calm down.  

 He was finally okay and was able to take a quick picture with Rylan.  We gave him one more hug and he went back to the stage to sit with his class.  

 We continued to watch from a distance, then as his class was getting ready to walk away, I noticed his teacher leaned over him.  Yep, he was SOBBING!  I rushed over to catch them as they walked away and he could hardly catch his breath.  He was so upset.  He was saying "You didn't tell me goodbye, you just didn't tell me goodbye!"  Except, that we did...LIKE 18 TIMES!  

I kissed him, told him to have a great day and walked away.  SO. HARD. TO. DO!  But, I know quick goodbyes are better for them.  So, I asked a couple of the other mom's to check on him for me.  I also told Dan that had that been last year on the first day of Kindergarten, I would have scooped my sweet baby right up and brought him home with me.  This year, I kissed him and walked away without a single tear.  

I've heard from a couple of friends that he is just fine, which I knew he would be.  He will love first grade.  It is just a transition...and we all know life is full of transitions.  The countdown is on because in just a little of 4 hours, I get to pick him up and hear about just how "GREAT" it was!


Cathi said...

Totally crying over here! Jonah will do wonderful in 1st grade - he's grown so much in the past year. I can't wait to read the post about this hear all of the fun things!

jenny winstead said...

you have got to be the best mom in the WORLD! such an inspiration for me. xoxo


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