Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jonah's 6th Birthday- Part Two

The great thing about Jonah's birthday party place is that you are only jumping and playing with people who are with your party.  You go to one room for 40 minutes.  Then, about the time the kiddos get bored in there, you move into the second room for 40 more minutes.  All of these pictures are from the second room.  

Many of you might remember Ava (left) from preschool days with Jonah.  She was his girlfriend for 3 and 4 year Preschool.  They were in the same class this year for Kindergarten too.  I just assumed she was still his girlfriend.  I asked him a couple of days before the party if she was his girlfriend still.  He said "No way!  We are just friends.  I have a lot of stuff to do at school and don't have time for a girlfriend."  Good to know.  

One of the things in the second room was the Hurricane Simulator.  I remembered this from other parties we have attended there so we came prepared with money so the kiddos could do it.  THEY LOVED IT!!!  Check out these faces.  

And, of course, check out Danno's face.  What a geek.  He makes me laugh.  And, everyone else who was there!

We decided to let the boys try the Hurricane Simulator together.  It was pretty hysterical to see.  Micah didn't stay long but did seem to like it.  
Here are all the kiddos.  This includes the siblings that were there.  You can definitely tell there are some kids there who aren't in Kindergarten and First grade.  They had fun and so did my birthday boy!  

Stay tuned for Part Three of Jonah's birthday celebration.

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