Friday, August 3, 2012

Jonah's 6th Birthday- Part One

Jonah's 6th birthday party was very different from his parties the past five years.  We bought a party package at BounceU and invited his school friends to come celebrate with him.  We had a bit of a struggle when it came to the invitation list because you are limited in the amount of kids you can invite. We had to make a choice between school friends or church friends.  There was no way to invite both without leaving some out at each place.  He decided since he invited church friends last year that he would invite school friends this year.  

I wasn't sure how I would like having a box party.  I'm so used to decorating, planning, cutting, pasting and creating that I knew I would feel a little odd not doing all of that.  But, as the party approached, I decided I was fine that.  I did miss it but I also liked not having the stress associated with throwing a big party.  And Jonah, well, he LOVED it!!

Our cake baker extraordinaire did not disappoint us!  Since I didn't have a theme, I told her to just "do her thing" when it came to Jonah's cake.  She asked what his interests were and went from there.  We were totally surprised when we picked it up.  She went with a SpiderMan theme and Jonah loved it!  If you are in Central Florida and need a cake for any occasion, you MUST try Cakes by Elisa!  She is wonderful!

The party starts with a safety/instructional video.  Many of the kids have seen it several times but they all sat there and watched it with no problem.  Most of the kids weren't there yet but we went ahead because of the time constraints.  

A few days before the party, our friend Donna (or Nonna as Micah calls her) offered to come help with Micah during the party.  I can't begin to tell you how grateful we are to her for this.  She took every step with him, changed every diaper, fed him, hydrated him and just loved him during the two hours of the party.  They are pretty smitten with each other.  

This wild man baby of ours was CRAZY on those slides.  He went up and down over and over.  As soon as he would get to the bottom of the slide, he would say "Gin, gin, gin" for again!  He loved it.  

Dan had a LARGE time jumping and playing with all the kiddos.  He is such a good daddy.  

This next picture is such a great depiction of my boys and their personalities.  Jonah is calm and smiling.  Micah is licking the bounce house.  

I'm super impressed with the way this place works.  Your kids only bounce with the kids at your party.  The room you are in is closed to anyone except for your guests.  After 40 minutes in the first room, all the kids lined up to go into the second room to bounce more.  

I'm breaking this party into several posts so stay tuned for pictures from the next room.  Our friend from church, Ann of Ann Axon photography was there to take pictures for us.  I'm so grateful for the wonderful shots she got.  There are many more to come!  :-)

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