Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2012 MS/LA Trip- Day Three

Day Three of our trip started Jonah and Eli playing, playing and then playing some more.  Those two had so much fun together.  I got dressed for lunch with my friend "Docka Russ" while everyone else got dressed for a trip to the farm.  
B, Dan, Amanda and the boys all loaded up and headed to Tim's (MeMaw) farm.  I was glad Amanda went because I knew she would take her camera.  Most of these pictures are from her but Dan did take a few with my small point and shoot.  

Jonah and Eli rode with Derek.  Dan and Micah rode with Tim.  I hear that Manna and B just hung out in the air conditioned suburban.  

Apparently the bumpy ride did Micah in.  He slept through most of his ride.  

Jonah has spent many hours on that farm with Tim, Belinda and Taylor.  To this day, every grain of rice he eats is "MeMaw rice."  I wouldn't trade those precious memories of his for anything in this world.  I'm glad he gets to have time on the farm when we go back to visit.  

I came home from my lunch with Jennifer to find everyone else in the pool.  I quickly put on my suit and joined them.  A little bit later, Diane and her girls came to join us.  We swam for a while then went inside for another wonderful meal.  (By the way, my friend Amanda totally inspires me in the kitchen!)

After a yummy (but quick) meal, we changed clothes and headed to church.  It was our first time to go back to First Baptist Church, Vidalia since we left.  There is an unwritten rule in church world about the length of time you wait before going back to your previous church.  Some people say it is one year and some people say it is one year from the time the person following you in your position has been there.  Both make sense to me.  Churches need time to move on.  They need to time to bond and connect with new leadership.  So, we haven't attended church since we left.  It was good to be back this time.  We were just one month shy of 3 years since we left.  

Poor Micah did not enjoy "our old church!"  He apparently cried the entire time he was in the nursery.  Then, as Sue was going to walk him over to me, he tripped and fell.  He hit his head pretty hard on the concrete.  Come to find out, I sent him to church wearing two left shoes of different sizes.  Somehow, when we packed, I packed his 6 and 6.5 Stride Rite Sandals.  We were running late so I grabbed his shoes to put on him in the car.  Dan put them on and didn't notice they were both for left feet.  Sue noticed after he fell!  Maybe that is why he cried the whole time.  He was probably just embarrassed.  

Micah was happy to see his old friend, Baylor.  They met on the last trip.  They are just a few weeks apart in age.  Baylor's daddy is the youth minister at FBCV.  

We got home and started gathering our things in order to head back to Mississippi the next morning.  Eli, Jonah and Micah played while we packed up a little.  

Eli decided he was D.O.N.E. with my incessant picture taking.  Jonah appears to be over it too!

Zoo-Zoo came by to say goodbye to all of us.  We didn't get to see much of her on this trip because her daddy was in the hospital.  I'm glad we got to see her for a few minutes that night.  

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