Saturday, August 25, 2012

2012 MS/LA Trip- Day Six

When we went to bed Friday night, Denise told Jonah "when you wake up tomorrow, come see me, not your mom and dad.  Let them sleep!"  In that moment we heard harps playing and angels singing the hallelujah chorus.  Well, maybe not but we were super excited.  Sleep was going to happen!!!  I got up before Dan and walked in the kitchen to find Darryl making a full on breakfast.

We all enjoyed the breakfast but Jonah especially enjoyed it.  He ate and ate and ate.  

And, Micah wasn't far behind him.  He ate more than his fair share of breakfast too.  We finally just had to take his plate away so he would move on and start playing.  

He was so exhausted from the entire week.  Poor guy.  Fortunately, this day was very much a day of relaxation.  We got to just hang out, play, swim and EAT!  Our friends, Reagan, Malinda and Sara Madalin drove out for a visit and swim.  I let the boys play outside while we waited on them. to arrive.  

Jonah and Sara Madalin were so happy to see each other.  They are the family we have seen most since moving to Florida.  Those two kiddos love each other.  
Malinda is looking super fabulous even though she just ran a 5K.  Yep, while we were eating that yummy breakfast, she was out running.  How are we even friends?  And, we can't miss an opportunity for Dan to be in the background of one of our pictures!!!!

Darryl and Denise's daughter Amber came over for a visit.  She was in elementary school when I met them.  Now she is all grown up!
As if we had not eaten enough yummy things that day, Darryl grilled the most wonderful steaks for dinner.  Add the broccoli, corn and other things and you get the makings of a FABULOUS meal.  

Denise took the boys out on the golf cart for a while.  If they had stayed much longer, I'm pretty sure Micah would have fallen asleep out there.  

After the boys were bathed and ready for bed, we took a few pictures.  Darryl was not so fond of all my picture taking.  You would think he would be used to me by now.  

After we all joined in on the photos for the evening, it was time to head to bed.  We had a WONDERFUL time with our dear friends and are so grateful to them for making this trip happen for us.  We were scheduled to spend the week with them at the beach but a work issue for him prevented that.  So, they were so very kind to bring us there for the week.  Our marriage has been continually blessed by their kindness and generosity to our family.  This was just a typical week in the life of being their friends!  We are certainly lucky to have them in our lives!!!

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