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2012 MS/LA Trip- Day Four

We woke up a little sad in Vidalia on Thursday morning.  It was time for us to say goodbye (again!) to our friends.  Dan left early that morning for breakfast with Dusty, the youth minister at FBCV,  while I started gathering our things and packing.  The boys had a fun morning of playing Peter Pan and Pirates.  

Jonah's favorite part of Josh and Amanda's new house was the dining room.  They are still searching for dining room furniture so that left the room almost empty.  Empty means more space to run and play without breaking anything.  That is a perfect equation for little boys.  
Well, until one of the little boys got hit by a sword.  Jonah cried and cried about how much it hurt.  I said "Jonah, Eli is 3 and can not hit you hard enough to hurt!"  Over his shoulder, Amanda mouthed "Yes he can!  He hurts me!"  OK, so maybe he was hurt after all. 
While the boys played, Micah found his way to the kitchen table and finished off Eli's pop tart from the morning.  Eli hasn't learned yet that you don't leave food on your plate unless you have no plans to return.  Micah always finds uneaten food.  

The boys moved upstairs to Josh's man cave (or man loft, as we like to call it!) to play for a while longer.  They had so much fun.  It sure made leaving even harder.  

Micah was playing downstairs while we were upstairs.  I kept yelling his name but he could not figure out where on earth the sound was coming from.  Amanda picked him up and helped him find me.  

The boys moved from the man cave to Eli's playroom.  Those boys had made quite the mess in there so they had some work to do to get it cleaned up.  
We got everything loaded into the car and it was time to say goodbye.  (Sniff, sniff!)  Even Micah knew to be sad!  

I can't tell you how much we love this family!  This girl is one of my closest friends.  She moved to Vidalia a few years after I did.  She walked through the sad days of us not being able to have a baby then rejoiced when we did.  She loved Jonah like he was hers.  I wrote this post about her almost 4 years ago.  Living away from her is incredibly difficult for me at times.  But, she is one of those heart it makes it easier.  She inspires me to be a better wife, mom, cook and person!  She really is one of the good ones!

Oh, I snapped a pic as we were pulling out of the driveway.  Isn't their house beautiful?  They built it last year.  
We left the Wilson's house and made a stop to see Jimmy at his job on our way out of town.  My boys immediately found the blocks to play with.  

Jimmy took them into his office to point out all the pictures of us.  Jonah was quite impressed to see himself all over that office.  

I'm only including the next picture for Jimmy's benefit.  I know he will remember what was said in the moments before Dan snapped this photo.  
We made one more stop before getting on the road.  We stopped by the church office at FBCV to see Allie.  She was Dan's secretary for our entire time there.  

Sylvia was volunteering in the office that day.  It was good to see her and visit for a bit.  Jonah "helped" her do a little work.  

Dusty was called to FBCV as youth minister almost a year before we left.  We had some great times with him.  He and Dan have remained close friends since we moved so it was good to spend some time with him.  

After a stop at the hospital to visit a friend, we said goodbye to the Miss-Lou and headed towards Jackson to see family and more friends. We went straight to Darryl and Denise's house to trade cars.  Some of their family was leaving for the beach and needed the Tahoe we were driving.  While we swapped luggage, Jonah and Mikayla played.  I hate she left for the beach because they had fun together.  

Taylor was the flower girl in our wedding and now she is starting her Sophomore year of college.  She is taller than me so I stood on the couch for our picture.  
While we unpacked our things and got settled into our home for the next four nights, Micah got into a little trouble.  Dan put him in time out and told him to say "sorry."  He never did.  This lasted for 30+ minutes.  Dan was determined he would say it.  Micah was determined that he would not.  It wasn't pretty, folks!

All the while, Jonah sat on the bed in Taylor's room watching the Elmo DVD that Beppa gave Micah.  He was apparently unaware of the sheer drama going on in the bathroom with Micah and Dan.  And, just so you know, Micah finally (after about 90 minutes!!!!!!!) said "Sorry!"  And, while we are on the subject, could someone send us a copy of "The Strong Willed Child" because I'm pretty sure we need to read it ASAP!!!
We left their house and met my college friends at Cock of the Walk.  Hope and I had to take a quick Laguna pic by the car with the Laguna sticker.  Such memories!  Hope was the Maid of Honor in my wedding.  She is one of my favorite people on the entire planet.  She makes me laugh like no one else.  
Many of you know that she unexpectedly lost her sister Angie to a heart attack in June of 2011.  Her sister Angie was also a good friend of ours.  Angie had a little boy named Kason who is 3 months younger than Jonah.  I wrote this post about her right after it happened.  Before Angie died, Hope and Stephen were told they could never have children.  Hope was already scheduled for a complete hysterectomy the week after Angie died.  In God's beautiful providence, Hope and Stephen were granted their heart's desires recently and became full fledged parents to Kason.  They adopted him as their own son.  It is such a beautiful "beauty from ashes" story.  So, to see "OUR" boys sitting next to each other acting like silly little kiddos was such a sweet blessing.  
Another one of our college friends, Dwayne, met us for dinner.  He is the youth minister at FBC, Flora.  Get this...FOR 19 YEARS!!!  The average stay of a youth minister is 18 months.  He has been there for 19 years.  Wowzers!  Dan took a picture of the three of us.  Charming, huh?
Fortunately, he did better the second time around.  These two were a huge part of my college years.  Such a sweet time to be with them again.  
Micah looks thrilled to meet Hope, huh?  That baby just wanted some of that cornbread the man was flipping in the air.  

We went back to the Mraz's house so the boys could play on the swing set and swim while we visited some more.  Dan took Micah upstairs after a few minutes to put him to bed while the big boys played their hearts out.  

As you can see, we had another full day!  Minus the little "I refuse to say sorry" incident, our kids did great.  We got a great night of sleep and woke up early the next morning for a day with my mom!  More to come...

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