Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2012 MS/LA Trip- Day Five

We got up early on Friday morning so we could spend the day with my mom...or MiMi to the boys.  Her front door was open but the screen door was locked.  We knocked and knocked but she never answered.  We sat on the swing for a while then tried calling her.  She immediately answered.  She was in the back of the house and didn't hear us.  

While we waited for her to finish getting dressed, Jonah wanted to take pictures of us.  He ALWAYS wants to take pictures of us.  Not sure where he gets that from?

The boys played while mom went to get Jonah's birthday surprise.  Micah got a gift too.  Bet you can't guess what it was?  Oh, you can?  You think it was something to do with Elmo?  Well, you would be correct.

Jonah got a tissue box with tissue sticking out of it.  Except, when you pulled the tissue, money and gift cards were connected.  He was super impressed with this idea.

Jonah discovered something with my picture on it.  He was quite disturbed that I looked like a boy.  To be honest, I'm a little disturbed by that photo too!
We left mom's house and had lunch at her favorite local eatery...Fernandos Mexican.  The service was terrible that day but the food was wonderful.  So, that makes it a win!

We left there and went to a few shops then landed at GiGi's cupcakes.  We all got a cupcake then put them in the middle of the table to share.  We quickly discovered you should only get 2-3 to share for 5 people...not 5.  They were some kind of rich.

We got home from our adventures around Jackson and my grandmother was there for a visit.  She turned 80 on May 31.  We always love getting to see her and visit with her.  

We took the chance to have a few pictures made of the four generations.  (And, as you will see, apparently my height comes from my daddy's side of the family!)

Granny- 1932
Mom- 1951
Me- 1974
Jonah- 2006
Micah- 2010

Later in the day, another one of my dear friends came over to visit.  Teresa and I worked together at Dr. Ramsey's office and then at Dr. Cumberland's office.  She was the Matron of Honor in our wedding.  There could not be two more different people on the face of this planet but we've always just clicked.  

She joined us for dinner a Newks and then a FroYo run!  It was good to visit with her and for she and my mom to reconnect.  They discovered they live like one mile away from each other now.  So random!

It was another great day!  We enjoyed being with my mom, grandmother and friend but were DEAD tired by the time we got home for the night.  This vacation business is exhausting!

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