Friday, July 6, 2012

What we are working on

One of our summer goals for Jonah is for him to learn to tie his shoes.  After a few days of working on this, we have decided that we wish we would have never started that.  Ugh.  I think this is more difficult than potty training!

Even with all the struggles, I think he has almost got it.  So, I'm taking a leap of faith and ordering his school shoes with ties instead of velcro.  I'm not sure at what age kids normally learn but I think I remember learning in Kindergarten.  What about you?    


Penny said...

A few of my kindergartners can tie, but most can't. It helps if you do it with him and from behind him. That way he sees it and feels it from the angle he'll be doing it. It's hard to see what you're doing when you're facing each other~ your hands get in the way. Good luck! :)
If he's successful, his teacher will love you! ;) If not, double not his laces before you send him. lol

jenny winstead said...

cole was almost 7! CRAZY! it was super hard to teach him.


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