Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Train up a child...

With each passing day, we are seeing more and more signs that Jonah is getting close to asking Jesus into his heart.  He has so many questions and we have many talks with him about that.  We find ourselves talking about the Bible, prayer and Jesus a lot with him.  He asks questions about the songs we sing at church and in the car.  He seems so close so we keep praying and asking God to reveal Himself so clearly to Jonah and to bring him to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

So, pictures like this one do something to my heart.  This was captured by a local photographer at a birthday party several weeks ago.  I hope that prayer will always be important to Jonah.  I hope the he understands the value of a communicating with God.  

I took this video today before we left for church.  They are memorizing different verses for the Wednesday night kid's program at church.  This week was John 3:16.  


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