Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Top 10 Reading Counts Party

Last Thursday, Jonah was invited to a pizza party in the Media Center to honor the top 10 readers in Kindergarten.  I helped with the party and didn't have a sitter so Micah ended up being with me.  BIG MISTAKE!  He was tired, cranky, hungry and ready to be OUT of his stroller.   Poor guy.  Surely he will be a well adjusted kid because life most always doesn't work out the way he would prefer.  He has pretty much learned to go with the flow.  

Jonah's principal talked to them about the importance of reading and how proud she was of them.  Then she gave them all a medal.  

Micah wanted to prove he could read too so he pulled out an Elmo book.  

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Penny said...

Way to go, Jonah! (Good job, Mom!;) The previous post, where Micah's shirt is full, is too funny! :)


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